• BENEFIT: The Best Products

    BENEFIT: The Best Products

    As I grew from a child to a teenager, I inevitably wanted to start wearing a bit more make up and try to make myself look more like an adult. Unfortunately for me, I was in school and wasn’t old enough to be earning my own money yet. I would end up going through all of my mums makeup bags trying to find something I can put on my face to look as grown up and unlike me as possible.

    I soon found my favourite products of hers that I used more and more, probably until they were empty (sorry mum) happened to be all of the Benefit range she had.

    Now I’m actually an adult and no longer live with her, it’s a little more tricky for me to steal her stuff. So I got my own. I reminisced my teen-aged years, trying to look old enough to pass for 18 as I bought my own Benefit make up, and my little addiction started. Thanks mum.

    Here are all of the best (in my opinion)

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    It’s Potent! Eye Cream

    This was the first Benefit product I ever bought – I’ve always had rubbish skin around my eyes with dark circles & it’s been a gem. Fab bits are..

    • it’s hydrating & moisturising
    • blends well with make up
    • last forever as you only need the tiniest amount!

    CHEEKLEADERS Bronze Squad

    The one I currently own has sadly been discontinued but this is the most similar product I can find. I LOVE the blush boxes and use mine every time I apply make up. Great features include..

    • whole box worth £130!
    • 5 products for different looks
    • full sized brush included

    Roller Lash Mascara

    This is the only mascara I use and I swear by it. Often I don’t have much time in the morning, so if I need a little lift I sometimes pop this on before work and it makes your eyes POP and suddenly you look so much more awake. I love it because

    • It’s water resistant
    • It lasts all day on me!
    • Easy application & doesn’t clump

    Boi-ing Concealer

    I love this concealer so much that I’ve already posted about how fab it is (which you can read here). As I said earlier, I always look tired no matter how much sleep I’ve had so it’s great to have a concealer that has a hydrating barrier around the outside. Some fab bits are

    • very natural looking
    • easy to use because it’s like a lipstick!
    • complete coverage & lasts hours

    POREfessional Balm

    This is a little more on the expensive side but it’s the value pack so you get more for your money (there is a cheaper one available to try out here). This balm is slightly tinted but you can see results right away.

    • Number 1 selling prestige primer in the UK
    • Full coverage
    • Keeps make up in place

    Hoola Matte Bronzer

    I initially had this in the mini size as it came with a Birchbox subscription. I’ve never been a bronzer gal but as I used it more and more I grew to love it! It’s fab because

    • 4 shades available
    • Number 1 selling prestige bronzer in the UK
    • Built in mirror & brush included


    Shop here and use code CAKEBAG

    That concludes today’s little make up post. If you have never tried any Benefit products then I would really recommend you try because they are FAB!


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    1. October 24, 2019 / 7:23 pm

      I have heard of Benefit products and they sound so good but I don’t wear enough make up to justify paying their prices. If I did wear make up every day I sure would x

    2. October 26, 2019 / 9:34 pm

      I’ve never used Benefit products but I’ve only heard good things about them! I might have to invest of some of this eye cream that you’ve mentioned, it sounds really good. x #Blogtober19

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