• Why not buy your favourite blooms online?

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    Why not buy your favourite blooms online?

    Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Their fragrant beauty and colour brighten up the dullest decor, and receiving them is always a boost to the spirits. The positive effects of a bouquet of roses aren’t just in your imagination either. Researchers have discovered that having roses around the office has positive effects on the mental health of office workers.

    During the Covid lockdowns, it was sometimes impossible to get out to favourite local shops. Browsing the high street and popping into a florist for an impulse purchase was out of the question for many people. Of course, supermarkets were still open, but those dusty blooms and unimaginative arrangements are never inspiring! More and more people started to buy flowers online, and there are several reasons why this is a great idea.

    The lockdowns forced the flower industry to make some radical and positive changes to the way they work and to their supply chain. Deliveries from some other countries stopped during the pandemic. Local flower growers often stepped in to supply florists,  giving the consumer the chance to purchase wonderful seasonal flowers and foliage often for the first time. 

    Initially, florists did suffer as events and weddings were cancelled, but many businesses went online and started offering beautifully curated bouquets for local or national delivery. So the internet now provides an enormous virtual flower market as you can simultaneously compare the offerings of a wide range of different florists. 

    Internet shopping saves time and is so convenient that there really is no excuse for not sending some beautiful flowers for a friend’s birthday or Mothers’ Day. You can pay for scheduled deliveries weeks in advance, so if you plan ahead, there is no danger of forgetting the big day!

    You deserve flowers too, so why not look into one of the increasingly popular subscription services? These companies will deliver a gorgeous bouquet at regular intervals for you. If you look after the flowers carefully, you will soon have fresh flowers in every room!

    Online flowers may be a bit more expensive, but they are likely to be of much better quality than those from non-specialist shops. Who knows how long those carnations have been hanging around in a centimetre of water on the garage forecourt?  Florists have regular deliveries from their growers. Without the vast storage space of massive retailers, they can only deal in small quantities. Your flowers will be sent from the florist by fast courier and will arrive in excellent condition. 

    Reputable florists will provide the recipient with information about caring for flowers to ensure long life. It’s essential to condition most cut flowers by cutting the stem ends, ensuring no leaves below the waterline, and changing the water at least every few days. 

    One word of advice, though always try to buy from an actual florist rather than just a flower delivery service. Trained florists are artists who put a great deal of thought and skill into selecting and arranging their flowers. A lot of love and experience goes into creating the perfect bouquet.


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