• Looking To Become a Digital Nomad in 2022? 5 Aspects To Consider

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    According to 2020 statistics, nearly 5 million workers in the UK consider themselves digital nomads, accounting for 6% of the workforce and over 40% of UK freelancers. 

    While you might have been comfortable with your 9-to-5 lifestyle in the past, this new opportunity might be alluring, especially if you have already become familiar with working from home during the past two years. 

    However, going from a stable routine to a nomadic life represents a significant lifestyle change that you should consider before closing your rental contract and hitting the road. In the sections below, you can find some tips to keep in mind if one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2022 was to become a digital nomad. 

    What Type of Digital Nomad Will You Be?

    While it is easy to fit into the digital nomad category, there is no strict definition of what a digital nomad is or what their routine is like. This might seem scary, but it also grants you the freedom to create a lifestyle and routine that truly fits your needs. If you are unsure where to start, consider the factors below:

    • Define your niche and make sure you can take your job on the road
    • Decide whether you want to stay within your own country or travel internationally
    • Do you prefer to backpack or move around with a motorhome?
    • How long are you planning to stay in each place?

    While you can figure out your lifestyle while on the road, you should do all you can to set the right expectations before leaving – especially if you will need to find motorhome dealers, rental abroad, or a place where you can travel safely during the pandemic. 

    Insurance and Safe Travelling

    Travelling offers many physical and mental benefits. Indeed, travelling often, seeing new cultures, and meeting new people can help you become more creative, improve your problem-solving skills, and improve your mental health

    However, travelling comes with its fair share of risks and challenges, and it is important that you do all you can to be safe while on the road. Here are some tips for a safe trip:

    • Check your destination countries’ safety before travelling there
    • Make sure to let people when about your travel itinerary
    • Do not travel without the right insurance policy!

    Looking for the Right Communities

    The first aspect that you should focus on when choosing a place to travel is how you will work when on the road. Luckily, the number of coworking spaces worldwide continues to increase, also fuelled by the advent of remote working. At the same time, you should not underestimate the importance of finding a supportive community that can help you thrive. Make sure to check out co-working and co-living spaces to find colleagues and friends. 

    Consider Your Expenses

    When travelling, it is especially important to manage your expenses. Indeed, every place you will go to is different, and you might not always have the comforts of home to rely on. This means that you will need to spend time and effort finding places within your budget and preferences. 


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