• 5 Best Types of Live Music for Events

    There are few people who don’t enjoy music and the right songs are a great way to set the mood for many different types of events. Choosing the best type of soundtrack according to the event can set the tone and make or break the occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding reception, a corporate event or anything else. 

    While you may not be able to book the world’s highest paid musicians, like Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen or Drake, all of whom earn millions, there’s plenty of skilled talent out there when it comes to live music in just about every shape and form. The best type of live music really depends on the type of event and who will be attending, with these options the five top types to consider.


    If you’re hosting a corporate event, you’ll want some good background music, subtle yet calming to enhance the atmosphere. Instrumental musicians are ideal for a conference, a trade show, meetings and all types of other business events. It works well for breaks in between talks, or even for an upscale business dinner. Think everything from a violinist to a solo piano player – even a piano player for hire in Los Angeles doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg when booked with an app that cuts out the middleman. 


    If you’re planning a laid-back event where you want your guests to be able to chill, consider adding reggae music. Reggae incorporates some of the musical elements of R&B, Latin American, jazz, calypso, African and other genres, with bands typically including two guitarists, one of lead and one for rhythm, along with congas, drums, keyboards and a vocalist or two. If you’re throwing a Caribbean-themed party, live reggae is practically a must.

    Rock ‘n Roll

    If you’re looking for something more mainstream, or for a sporting event, hiring a rock n’ roll band may be ideal. A cover band can throw in classics like Queen’s “We Will Rock You” that are sure to get all your guests excited and having a good time. Rock is great for team building events too, bringing everyone together for a high energy, interactive experience. 


    Pop music can be ideal for many types of events as well, from parties to promotional events where you want your guests/audience to feel motivated. Popular music can really include any form of music from rock to country, Madonna and Lady Gaga to Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift. Think Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” – it’s impossible not to feel happy with an uplifting tune like this one. Depending on your audience, you might book a band or singer that focuses on pop from earlier generations too, like the ’80s, do you remember “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves?

    Dance Party Music 

    No matter what the event, if your goal is to get everyone up on their feet and dancing, booking a great dance band is sure to do the trick by seamlessly incorporating a variety of music styles to fill the dance floor. If they’re truly versatile they’ll be able to play everything from disco and pop to rock, soul and current dance hits like Sam Smith’s “I Feel Love,” creating energy that practically guarantees a successful event.


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