• An M&S Blunder

    For the last few years I’ve been shopping in M&S often. Granted, some products can be on the expensive side but many of the items I have bought taste much nicer than some other supermarkets. If there’s a special occasion or I am cooking for somebody, I would often go to M&S.

    An Experience..

    I don’t go out for lunch often with my mum, but today we decided to have a treat and since we were shopping anyway, we decided to go to the cafe in Marks & Spencer.

    As a milk allergy sufferer, my mum was initially concerned that she would be the only one eating as obviously there are limited items I can have. My response to this was

    I’m sure there will be something small I can have. Every cafe caters for vegans and allergy sufferers now

    I must’ve jinxed it by that comment. After waiting for about 15 minutes in the queue without finding anything, I asked the staff member on the till what they had that was milk free to eat, and I was returned with a rather blank look. She had to go and ask her colleagues which I thought was a little strange coming from a cafe background myself where I knew we were all aware of free from items.

    I was handed an iced bun and told that this was the only item. I naturally checked the ingredients as I always do, and I was thankful I did because the item was labelled with a warning, “not suitable for milk allergy sufferers” …

    So I was left with an orange juice whilst my mum had her bacon roll which she had to wait 30 mins for… 🙈

    It was lunch time and I hadn’t eaten, so I decided to go down to the food hall and see what I could grab there. I went to the new plant based, vegan range that I’d heard so much about on social media recently because the free from section is very heavily based on gluten free.

    M&S vegan range “may contain” milk & egg – WHAT?

    I was amazed to find that after looking through the whole vegan range that it is not suitable for milk or egg allergy sufferers… 😐

    Taking allergies out of the picture, the idea of a vegan diet is to not eat anything made from animals. The fact that these are not suitable for people with allergies tells us that these very likely have traces of milk and egg in. So you could argue that these aren’t actually suitable for vegans and more vegetarian. You would’ve thought that M&S would’ve considered this before bringing out a plant range.

    I hope that M&S can follow in the footsteps of other supermarkets as this seems to be the only one so far behind on what seems to be such a mainstream requirement for so many people now.

    This is one of the first negative posts I’ve posted on my blog but it needs to be done!


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    1. October 20, 2019 / 10:09 pm

      A vegan range that may contain milk & egg. Wow! That is so wrong and so bad! It’s not really a vegan range then. That’s very naughty of M&S x

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