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    If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have read about my previous collaborations with fashion brand Femme Luxe. They recently got in touch with me once again to organise another collaboration, so of course I said yes!

    What is Femme Luxe?

    Femme Luxe is an online fashion brand featuring the latest trends in fashion, including accessories, shoes and outfits that won’t break the bank. Looking through their vast catalogue online, it would seem that the majority of the clothes are targeted at a younger demographic because they are generally quite short, figure hugging clothes that we would tend to associate with the clubbing scene. Though, they do sell ample loungewear sets and jewellery too. As well as a huge sale, they currently have 10% off everything with code ICON10 (correct as of August ’22), as well as free next day delivery when spending over £25, and students and under 25’s also receive an extra 15% off! So with that said, I will show you the items I chose. I was so excited when the package turned up to see the clothing I had chosen in person, as I have been each time we collaborate.

    The first item I picked was this black cropped top. Femme Luxe have a plethora of crop tops to choose from, but as I like wearing long sleeves and the off the shoulder thing looked pretty, it was quite an easy choice for me to choose this one, and black goes with everything!

    crop top from femme luxe https://femmeluxe.co.uk/

    Black Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top – Kourt
    I’m wearing a size 8.
    Price: £23.98 £12.99

    black top from femme luxe https://femmeluxe.co.uk/

    I got this in a size 8, and if I’m honest, I probably should’ve sized up to a 10 because it was a little on the tight side but it still fit me comfortably enough to wear. My first impressions were that I liked the wrap style at the front and the material felt good quality. However, it was more cropped than I had imagined. When I looked on the website, it seemed to go almost down to the model’s belly button, but as you can see by my photos it came up much shorter than that on me. Despite this, I still believe it was a good choice as it is a really versatile top that I can wear with pretty much anything.

    https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ femme luxe haul
    https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ femme luxe review
    https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ femme luxe black top

    The next item I chose was this ‘stone’ oversized blazer. Femme Luxe have a large range of blazers on their website, and although I have a couple of blazers in my wardrobe, none of them satisfy the oversized look that this one gave so I decided to give this one a go.

    As I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room, I opted for a size 12. However, I should have sized down as when it arrived it was regretfully too big for me, as well as the sleeves being too long (which I ended up rolling up). I know it said oversized but it was *very* oversized on me… at 5’3″ it was much longer than I expected. It would have been nice to have a button or a tie around the waist to be able to pull it in a bit but I still liked it nonetheless.

    https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ femme luxe blazer
    https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ me wearing my blazer

    Compared to the other blazers I own, it was more on the thin side and felt more like a light jacket than a blazer. I must admit that it did look much nicer on the model than it did on me (which is partly inevitable!), but I guess that’s why it’s good that bloggers do these types of posts as it highlights how these clothes look on ‘normal’, non-model people like us!

    The next piece I chose was one of Femme Luxe’s many bodysuits they have available. I really like bodysuits because I find them really slimming on the waist and they are so easy to dress up or down. The grey bodysuit was a great choice for me because I loved the button-up collar style with the ribbed detailing; it was nothing like anything I currently own.

    I ordered this in a size 12 due to low stock in the other sizes, and it did feel too big for me once again. I do own some tops in size 12 that fit me, but there is always a bit of sizing differences between brands. As it is a bodysuit, I did expect it to have the ‘popper’ bit to be able to disconnect at the bottom but sadly it didn’t, meaning that you’d have to take off your whole outfit to go to the loo on a night out! I did find this a bit frustrating but it is still a pretty top all the same.

    https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ bodysuit
    https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ grey bodysuit

    Another thing that I noticed it that the bodysuit is backless. I was not aware of this so it was a bit of a shock when it arrived, especially as I personally do not have the confidence to go out with almost my full back on show! It also creates the issue of your bra strap showing; it is the type of material that you can’t really go bra-less for (though I did do this just for the purpose of the back photo above) so if I was wearing this out I would have to wear a vest underneath to prevent showing my back and bra strap to everyone. I know some people really like the back-less style of tops as it seems to be a popular trend recently but it would not have been something I would have chosen, had I have known it was backless.

    The final item I chose was one of their bodycon dresses. There were so many dresses to choose from it was a difficult choice, but in the end I opted for the emerald satin corset design because it’s nothing like I currently own. This was actually my favourite out of the haul; I rarely wear green because I was unsure if it would suit me but I actually liked how it looked. The material felt really lovely, as it’s satin with a ‘ruched’ style, I found it accentuated the bits it needed to. I got this in a size 10, which fit me the best out of all of the clothes I had picked out.

    As I have mentioned many times when it comes to clothes, sizing can be a bit of an issue as I am on the short side, so some dresses can be longer than they should on me, or the straps are sometimes too long. I did have this issue with this dress, but then soon realised that the straps are adjustable! This was an absolute God-send for me as it I could shorten the straps to the required height (usually the shortest one!) and it just tucked the dress in a bit more and looked much nicer with a more secure fit. I intend to wear this out in the next few weeks as I celebrate finishing my access course!

    That concludes all of the items I have been sent from Femme Luxe for this collaboration. This brand have always been so incredibly lovely and helpful whenever I have received correspondence from them which makes all the difference and really encourages me to continue shopping and collaborating with them. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this brand for anyone searching for new clothes as the autumn draws in, whether this be clubbing dresses, loungewear sets or accessories (though it would be beneficial to check the sizing charts before ordering). If you have got this far in to this post, then as always I really appreciate you continuing to support me by reading what I have to say in my little corner of the internet. I intend to increase the amount of posts I publish in the coming weeks as I begin to start my journey at university.

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