• Ideas For A Cosy Reading Nook At Home

    Life is busy and can be quite chaotic, so having some time to read books can feel like a luxury. But for any book lovers out there, it is important to make time, as it can be a time to relax and rest, as well as escape off to another world. Having a space in the home that is cosy and luxurious, like a reading nook, to really settle in with a book, can be an important reminder just how much we all need some self-care. 

    Something like a soft chair, a plush pillow, or an ottoman can be comfortable and an inviting space to sit down and read, being able to create a corner of a room, if possible, into a space for you that is fitted to your needs exactly. If you have the space, it could even be a whole room that would give Belle from Beauty and the Beast’s library goals a run for their money. 

    So with that in mind, you need to think about the things that help you to feel cosy. Do you like lots of pillows or do you prefer to be wrapped up in a blanket? Fresh flowers, scented candles, pictures, and stacks of books, are all things to consider. You could even save time and choose a professional organiser for your books to get the space looking great. The main trick to creating a reading nook just for you is to make it somewhere that will really soothe you and be a relaxing space. Here are some ideas to help to get you started.


    • Soft materials: there isn’t much more that screams cosy than having a soft chair or bean bag that you can really sink into, or cushions and throws galore. Start off with finding a chair that is really sumptuous, then you could match it with a throw pillow to add comfort and texture.
    • Space for books: this might sound like stating the obvious, but you need to have a space for your books in your reading nook. Shelving or boxes could be used, depending on what space you have, but the books could really be a decorative feature in the space too.
    • Pop of colour: choosing the right colour can help to instantly lift your mood and make you happy. If you want to be in a space that helps to make you happy, then using colour can do just that. You might have a favourite colour to use, otherwise, colours like yellow, orange, and green can really bring some cheerfulness to the palette.
    • A few of your favourite things: as well as having all of your books and cosy items, it is a nice place in the home to house some of your favourite things. You could display trinkets on shelves, create a gallery wall of favourite photos or prints, as well as having some houseplants that you love, or fresh flowers that you adore.

    There options are quite endless, but if you are looking for a project, especially going into a new year soon, a reading nook at home is a must for book lovers.


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