• Is there such a thing as a green funeral?


    Climate change and the environment are two topics that have taken off in recent years. The importance of saving our planet from further harm is not just within our own interests as human beings. It’s also vital to the health of other animals and the things that make us happy. A green field, a bright forest, and rivers that make us calm, should not be lost due to our actions now. One of the things that might not have been considered by pro-climate change supporters, is their own funeral. One day we’ll all pass away but should we leave behind a physical mark that could harm our planet further? Is a green funeral possible?

    A natural way

    There was once a time when burying a loved one was not even thought of. Since the time of the ancient nations, cremating the body was always the top choice. It was said that only this way could the spirit be allowed to get to the afterworld. The Romans were among the most famous to do this. So if you would like to consider cremations then work with a funeral service that can do it right. They will offer a choice of religious or non-religious cremations, and they’ll also offer to display photos of yourself and your best moments. They can play your choice of music, as well as livecast your funeral to members of your friends and family who weren’t able to make it.

    Planting a tree

    One of the best things you can do if you want a green funeral is to have your favorite tree planted along with your ashes spread at the roots. Why is this so important? There are now fewer trees in the world than at any other time in history. Logging across rainforests has decimated thousands of miles and robbed the future generations of a purer planet. Trees are also signs of life, as they can live for hundreds of years, giving space to birds and other animals to make a home within them, and also help spread seeds of flowers and plants. So, select your favorite tree and note it down in your plans.

    Eco-friendly coffins

    Coffins use a lot of wood and no tree should be cut down just for this. Why kill a living tree for wood that will only go into the ground and never be seen or used more than once? It’s not right and you don’t have to settle for this. You can select eco-friendly wood for your coffin. This will be wood that is taken from trees that died from a disease, were struck by lightning, or torn out of the ground by winds. In other words, trees that suffered death from natural causes. The eco-friendly coffins are just as good as any other, but they don’t harm nature for your sake.

    Yes, a green funeral is very possible. These are just some of the ways you can give the world one last generous token and perhaps give an example of how committed you were to helping the planet in some way you could.


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