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    My Mother’s Day Gift Guide with Etsy

    Whether you’re looking for jewellery, crafts, artwork or maybe something a little more personalised – Etsy is a great place to find beautiful and bespoke pieces and this Mother’s Day gift guide will help you find just that. You could be searching for your mum, partner, step mum, mother in law – you’re bound to find something on this site. After all, each product is lovingly created by small businesses so you’re sure to find something any recipient will love.

    Shopping on Etsy is more appealing than ever before. With over 60 million products listed on the website, you can find affordable and beautiful products that are certain to please. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, small businesses have been hit more than ever before so not only will you be buying something you’re unlikely to find on the high street, you’re helping out a small business owner make a living. Win-win!

    With that said, let’s jump right in to some lovely gift ideas to give this Mother’s Day. Make sure to check out Etsy’s top picks too!

    A Mother’s Day Gift Guide With Etsy

    Mother’s Day Scented Candle

    mother's day candle gift from etsy seller

    You can’t go wrong with a scented candle, and this is the cutest personalised design!

    Purchase for £10.90 View Shop

    Embroidery Kit

    craft kit embroidery gift

    There are so many lovely embroidery kits on Etsy but this design is one of my favourites so far. This kit includes everything you need to make this beautiful piece.

    Purchase for £22 View Shop

    Jewelerry Box

    pink personalised jewelerry box from etsy

    This jewellery box would make such a lovely gift.

    Buy for £16 View Shop

    Floral Resin Comb

    floral resign comb from etsy seller in my mother's day gift guide

    I’ve never seen a comb made with resin and flowers before, it’s such a beautiful idea! I’m definitely considering purchasing one myself..

    Buy for £6.99 View Shop

    Mama Necklace

    mama necklace from etsy seller

    Jewelerry makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift and this dainty little necklace is no exception!

    Buy for £17.55 View Shop

    Reusable Face Pads & Bag

    reusable bag from etsy seller in my gift guide for mother's day

    This would be a perfect gift for a recipient that is in to sustainable living. The bee design is just so cute.

    Buy for £9.40+ View Shop

    Scented Cactus Candle

    cactus candle from etsy seller in my mother's day gift guide

    I love these little cactus candles. I’m not sure I’d want to burn away that beautifully sculpted wax though!

    Buy for £15 View Shop

    Miss You Plaque

    plaque from etsy seller in my mother's day gift guide

    I really wished my mum lived next door, and at £2.99, it’s a bargain to remind your mama just that.

    Buy for £2.99 View Shop

    Our Memories Scrapbook

    scrapbook gift mother's day gift guide

    What better way to reminisce memories than this lovely, personalised scrapbook?

    Buy for £12 View Shop

    Personalised Pocket Hug

    a gift pocket hug in my mother's day gift guide

    If your mum has everything already, this little sentiment is a lovely way to remind them they’re loved.

    Buy for £6.50 View Shop

    Pebble Picture

    pebble personalised picture from etsy in my mother's day gift guide

    Last but not least in this Mother’s Day gift guide is this beautiful pebble picture. No matter who you may be buying for, this would make a beautiful touch to anybody’s home.

    Buy for £24 View Shop

    Thank you so much for reading this Mother’s Day gift guide. I hope you feel inspired to find a lovely gift whoever you’re buying for!

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