• What I Got For Christmas – 2020

    Hello again, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and could forget about all the madness going on in the world for a short while.

    I am so lucky to have loads of wonderful people around me that spoil me rotten (thank you all so much). There is obviously so much more to Christmas than just what you receive – sharing precious moments with your family and making memories is what I cherish the most and I was so lucky to do that once again this year with my family.

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    Our dinner table on Christmas Day

    I have written this blog post on what I got for Christmas not only so you can have a look if you’re feeling nosey, but also to myself for a personal reminder about the things I received. I have quite a lot of family members and some wonderful friends so I’m really lucky that I was treated to so many lovely things (i end up forgetting who got me what!)

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    So here’s what I got for Christmas. This is not a brag or anything like that, I just love reading other blogger’s/YouTuber’s posts like these so I thought I’d do my own.

    Have a great New Year everyone!

    What I Got For Christmas In 2020

    Crafty Bits & Books

    cricut matts christmas gift dad
    So grateful for these matts I use in my cricut machine as I’ve made such a mess on my current ones. I actually got 3 of these which is super generous as they’re quite expensive for a matt.
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    Loving more inspiration for the handmade cards I make.
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    I’ve been re-watching Idiot Abroad recently but never read the book despite wanting to for years so I can’t wait to start this!
    books  christmas from holly
    If you know me, you probably know I love anything Winnie The Pooh. I can’t wait to read these.
    No description available.
    I am a bit of a scatter brain so this will be perfect to organise myself.

    Clothes & Accessories

    elephant pyjamas christmas from tom
    Photo Credit: SheIn.
    These are SO cozy but are currently in the wash so couldn’t take my own photo. I love that it includes two sets for different weather and other matching accessories
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    These were on my wishlist and they’re even cuter in person. I admit it – I have reached that age now that I ask for socks.
    No description available.
    A cute little selection of ear cuffs.
    No description available.
    The cutest little keychain from my mum!
    No description available.
    I love anything Cath Kidston so I can’t wait to use this little bag.
    No description available.
    I saw this out shopping and was going to buy it for myself but my friend convinced me not to. Turns out she’d already bought it for me..
    tattoos christmas from mum
    I LOVE elephants and can’t wait to try out these cute little tattoos!
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    Cute little necklace from my brother & his partner.
    Told you I like socks…
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    These little ear climbers were on my wishlist and they look even lovelier on!
    No description available.
    I didn’t even ask for these but my mum knows me too well..
    bag christmas from tom
    my boyfriend bought me this bag as I might’ve mentioned that I like Winnie The Pooh… 😉
    Oh my god.. it’s so beautiful. I’m almost too scared to use it, in fear of scuffing it! This is definitely one of my favourites and my new go-to bag whenever I go out.


    I do feel a bit of an old lady asking for home stuff in my early twenties but anything that makes my little flat prettier, I will love it. Some were on my wishlist and some were not but clearly all the lovely people that got me gifts know me well enough to buy things I like without prompts.

    No description available.
    This is actually a bottom sheet you put on your bed. I get so bored of plain white ones so it’s sprucing my bedroom up a little.
    My boyfriend was actually really sweet – he bought me a lamp similar to this last Christmas but it turns itself off at random times so he bought me replacement one (that’s a bit more reliable)
    No description available.
    Can’t beat lovely smells to freshen up your room.
    No description available.
    These are actually “sport towels” but who are we kidding… I don’t do enough sport to warrant a towel for that. I actually wanted these as they’re microfibre which I find kinder to my hair and makes it less frizzy.
    string lights christmas from james and nikki
    Cute little way to reminisce memories.
    candle christmas from katie, mark and luna
    One of my bestie friends got me this cute Japanese style candle – it smells so nice and I can’t wait to light it.
    trinket christmas from luke and holly
    I don’t have any trinkets so this was gratefully received.
    candle christmas from luke and holly
    This is my favourite Yankee to date but it was discontinued in 2015. The only place I’ve seen it is on Ebay for silly prices so didn’t get one but my lovely brother & his partner treated me to this large one. So excited to light it!
    frame christmas from graham and mum
    This cute little slogan frame will brighten my walls with glitter
    bedding christmas from ali and dad
    I love any kind of out of space design (I’m basically a 10 year old boy) I can’t wait to put this bedding set on!
    diffuser christmas from graham and mum
    Another diffuser to make my rooms smell fresh.
    No description available.
    I’ve wanted a himalayan salt lamp for SO long and my lovely dad and step mum bought me one! My boyfriend keeps laughing at me because I have so many lamps but I love the ambience this one provides.
    The sweetest pillowcase from my mum – my brother got a matching one and we both loved them!


    No description available.
    I love Body Shop products – they smell amazing! If you’ve read my blog before you’ll likely know about my dry skin struggles, and the almond milk & honey collection targets that skin type so this is perfect for me.
    sleep set christmas from mum and graham
    I eyed this up in Boots when shopping with my mum, made a passing comment that it was nice so she went back and bought it for me! I used it last night and the mist smells incredible.
    skincare lotion christmas from holly and luke
    My lovely friend knows me too well getting me Mario Badescu. I’ve seen so many reviews on Youtube and by bloggers, I can’t wait to use it.
    No description available.
    Any nail varnish that has sparkly bits in – I want it.
    moisturiser christmas from katie and mark and luna
    I did collaborate with MooGoo last summer and they kindly sent me some moisturiser to try out. I loved it, I ran out, so my lovely friend bought me some more. You can read my review here
    cleanser christmas from dad and ali
    I’ve read so many reviews on this neutrogena cleanser, I can’t wait to try it!
    No description available.

    I have wanted some satin caps to sleep in for a while as my hair gets totally ruined as I sleep (I’m a right wriggler!) there are perfect and super soft. They are much longer than I thought they would be but at least they’re be suitable for all hair lengths.

    No description available.
    My birthday was 6 days before Christmas and I got three of these lovely Mario Badescu sprays, so after I received this one I had the full set. So excited to use them.
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    No description available.
    The rubbish photo I took of this set really doesn’t do it justice – they are so many gorgeous colours & glitteryness (I know that’s not a word) in this set that makes me want to paint my nails right now!
    No description available.
    Wearing these eye masks along with my satin cap is going to make me look absolutely ridiculous at bedtime but as long as you’re relaxing who cares?! (boyfriend will probably laugh at me tho)
    You can have these hot or cold which is perfect for me and my puffy eyes!
    No description available.
    So pleased that I’ve finally got a scalp scrubber, I’ve wanted one for ages.
    No description available.
    I have quite thick hair so when I use a brush it just makes it frriiiiiiizzzz. These wide-tooth combs are a bit kinder to my hair so it isn’t as likely to go poof.

    Edible Treats

    When given chocolate, I am very much like a small child. I have such a sweet tooth – I don’t know when to stop and always eat too much.

    No description available.
    No description available.
    Being dairy-free, good chocolate is quite hard to come by. This iChoc and Moo Free hamper is incredible – it’s so creamy and not bitter like many alternatives I have tried. This hamper was full, but with my lack of willpower on Christmas Day, I ate a fair few bars before I photographed it, hence the gap…
    I love the box too and will definitely use it for my crafty stuff once it’s empty.
    No description available.
    chocolate vegan galaxy christmas from katie
    No description available.

    Some lovely friends & family got me some other vegan chocolate – they’re all delicious! I had never tried the Hotel Chocolat vegan range before this Christmas but it tastes incredible! As well as this dark one above, I also received the nut milk one but I might’ve already eaten it…

    A friend also bought some other chocolates for my partner and I – they did contain milk (not suitable for me) so I didn’t feel the need to photograph them but it was still a nice sentiment.

    No description available.
    I also got given this bougie tea which I can’t wait to try – it looks super calming and sleep inducing which is perfect for me.

    Other Bits & Bobs

    games christmas from holly
    I love a good game me, looking forward to cracking these out!
    No description available.
    Credit: The Posh Paws Store, Amazon
    I now have the whole collection! Did I mention I like Winnie The Pooh?
    bear christmas from mum & graham
    Lastly, my GIANT bear. My mum made me close my eyes in front of the family and put it on my lap. As you can see from the photo, he’s almost as big as me! My boyfriend keeps teasing that I’ve replaced him, because if I’m giving the bear a cuddle in bed then there’s no room for anyone else..

    I was very lucky to also receive a very generous amount of money and Amazon vouchers from my family further away. I wasn’t able to see them like I usually would at this time of year due to COVID so they kindly sent me these to do a spot of shopping myself!

    Let me know in the comments below how you celebrated your Christmas – I’d love to know some of the things you received! I *think* I remembered everything that I opened… if you bought me something and I didn’t feature it, I promise it’s not malicious – I am just quite forgetful.

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