• Which Social Media Platform Is Right For You?

    If you’ve never really taken part in any form of social media, then there’s a chance you’re not really sure which one does which. You should know that every social media platform is different, and you should expect to see different kinds of content on each one. When trying to find out the right platform for you, you might find that there’s more than one that interests you. As they cater to different interests and purposes, they all have their own reason to sign up.

    There’s no limit to which platform you can sign up to, however, each one might have different requirements. Some might only be available on smartphones, while others will be accessible by phone and computer. Then there’s also the question of formatting what you upload. The latest iOS for iPhones takes a new format of picture, which isn’t always compatible with certain apps. However, you can convert the new format HEIC to JPG, so it’s not really anything to worry about.



    Originally, Facebook was the biggest and most popular social media service. It was one of the first that allowed you to interact with everyone that you knew, share pictures, link those pictures to others, and more. It was the leading platform due to its innovation, and it appealed to everyone. It’s a great way to connect with family, and it allows you to post pretty much anything you want. 


    Twitter and Facebook are very different platforms, and the main difference is the kind of content Twitter aims to provide. The general idea is that Twitter allows you to make smaller posts for short and easy to digest content. It can be in the form of a picture or a small message that lets others know what you’re thinking. Everything that you post can be liked, “retweeted” and commented on. Retweeting is just others sharing what you’ve posted, to their own followers – spreading your content to more viewers.

    It’s become a great platform for those who like to share their art and hobbies that they do in their free time. The format is perfect for posting pictures of things that you’ve captured, or paintings that you’ve done.


    Unlike the other forms of social media TikTok isn’t here for sharing your everyday life, it’s a video sharing service with multiple niches. The main attraction of TikTok is the duet feature. When you see a video that you would like to respond to, you can create your own video to add as a duet. This video will be played alongside the one that you added it to, and it can make for a great way to quickly and easily collaborate with other uses.


    Instagram was originally created for sharing images and short videos but has since grown. While the main platform is intended to stick to images and videos, you also have the option to live stream to your followers. With the live feature, you can get in touch with the followers that decide to watch you, where they can comment and you’ll see it in real-time. If you’ve been meaning to bridge the gap and just relax with the people that view your content, this is the perfect way to do it.


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