• Get Lit: How To Make More Sell-able Candles

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    Right now, there’s a gigantic market for candles, particularly as gifts. Everyone seems to want them during the festive season, birthdays and even after graduation. 

    But did you ever consider cashing in on this trend and learning how to make candles yourself? It turns out that the demand for craft products is higher than ever as consumers look for novel experiences (not just generic store-bought varieties). 

    The purpose of this post is to explain how to make sellable candles – ones that you’ll be able to flog on popular marketplaces. You’ll learn everything you need to know, from the ingredients to use to the candle-making process and how to make your creation look good afterwards. 

    1. Gather Your Supplies

    The first step is to gather the items you need to make the candles. Usually, you won’t be able to manufacture these yourself. 

    • Soy wax – This wax is considered safe for indoor use because of the minimal toxic fumes it creates. Other types of wax are more dangerous. 
    • Fragrance oil – Most candles have a fragrance to help them make the owner’s room smell delightful. Fragrances come in the form of essential oils and you can turn them into unique combinations. 
    • Wicks – These are available as standard. You’ll want the one that has the right dimensions for your container. 
    • Dye – Most candles are beige, reflecting the hue of natural soy wax. However, you can get dyes to change this, creating something closer to what you want, 
    • Container – Somewhere to store the soy wax
    1. Clean Your Containers

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    Make sure you clean and dry any containers before filling them with wax. Any water inside might explode while the candle is in operation, which could be dangerous. 

    1. Melt The Wax

    Melt the wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It needs to be a liquid to pour into the container. 

    Once it is in fluid form, decant it into the desired container. 

    1. Add The Color And Scent Elements

    When the wax is where you want it, add the colour and scent compounds and stir. The wax will harden quickly at room temperature, so you’ll need to do this fairly rapidly with an insulated metal implement, like a fork with a dishcloth wrapped around the handle. 

    1. Add The Wick

    Next, you need to add the wick. Again, you’ll need to do this quickly. Push it through the centre of the container to the bottom, ensuring it touches the underside of the container. The wick should stick out of the top by half an inch or so. Don’t worry if it is a little bit more than this, you can trim it later. 

    1. Add Presentation Elements

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    Finally, you can add presentation elements like sticker labels to help it sell. You should customise these elements to make them more appealing to your customers. Including things like information on how to use the candle, brand name, and safety information can help.

    Just make sure you use attractive labelling materials. Avoid picking anything that makes your candles look cheap. Add decorative boxes for your jars.


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