• Sleepy Body Lotion – LUSH (review)

    lush sleepy body lotion review

    We have all heard somebody raving about products from Lush at some point. Whether it’s their diverse skincare range, fragrant bath bombs or limited edition treats… everyone seems to be going a bit mad over this brand in recently. So in this post I thought I’d do a review of one of their products; their ‘Sleepy’ body lotion.

    • Product: Sleepy Body Lotion
    • Price: £9/95g – £16/215g – £27/440g
    • Ingredients: Oat Milk, Almond Oil, Lavender Water, Lavender Flower Infusion, Jojoba Oil, Glycerine, Cocoa Butter, Stearic Acid, Illipe Butter, Triethanolamine, Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Tonka Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Water, Titanium Dioxide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Tin Oxide, Benzyl Cinnamate, Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume.

    Sleepy Body Lotion – My Review

    When I was browsing at this product in Lush, I can’t say I was immediately convinced. I have to be quite careful with the products I put on my eczema prone skin as it is very easily irritated. I never really knew what body lotion did either, growing up I was really ‘meh’ about the whole idea and felt rather underwhelmed when I used any body lotion.

    First Impression

    I bought the smallest pot available (95g) just to try it out initially. I do have to say the smell is DIVINE – to me it’s like a mix of lavender and oaty-ness so when I smell it I already feel ready for bed.

    lush sleepy body lotion review

    I’ve never been a great sleeper so when I read about all the great reviews from insomniacs claiming that it sent them to sleep, I had to go and pick some up.

    The consistency of the body lotion is fairly thick, it sounds strange but it reminds me a bit of strawberry yogurt! As you can see by the photo, it doesn’t have any ‘bits’ like a lot of Lush products do, I really love how it feels when applied to skin.

    Verdict – Yay or Nay?

    Yay bits

    On the packaging, it states “comfortingly sweet tonka absolute gently blurs with lavender flower to hush your thoughts ready for a peaceful night’s sleep”

    lush sleepy body lotion review

    I would say that this product definitely encouraged peaceful sleep for me. Surprisingly, it didn’t irritate my delicate skin and I found the lavender really relaxing. Personally I find it is best applied after a shower before bed, all over your body for the best effect.

    Many Lush products have quite a short shelf life, sometimes I struggle to use them in time before they expire. I did notice that Sleepy has around two years before it expires which is great news if you’re like me and take your time using things!

    As always, Lush never test on animals so it’s great to enjoy a guilt-free product. It is also suitable for vegans which is always a win. If you want to see how it’s made, you can watch the video here.

    Nay bits

    There is not a great deal of things to complain about for this product.

    A few reviews on the official Lush website say that they found this product a little greasy. I can see why some people would say this as it doesn’t just sink in to your skin and disappear immediately, it almost sits on the top of your skin but I really like how that feels. The smell seems to remain quite strong long after you’ve applied it which I think is the whole reason it aids my sleep so much.

    Another thing that I noticed is that in comparison to other body lotions, it is a little on the expensive side. I paid £9 for 95g which is quite a small pot but I have to say that it did last me quite a long time and a little does go a long way.

    lush sleepy body lotion review

    With That Said

    I will have to give this a big fat YAY with a four star rating as I will definitely be repurchasing. I feel so cozy and relaxed whenever I apply this product which we all need a bit of sometimes with life’s stresses! If you’re considering giving this a go I would definitely recommend it.

    Thank you for reading my review of Sleepy Body Lotion from LUSH. If you want to check out any of my other lush reviews you can see them all here.


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