• Precious Gemstones For An Evening Look

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    Deciding which gemstones to choose for your evening look isn’t always the easiest decision in the world. You have a rough idea about what might look good, but you have no idea why you should choose it or what it could add to your outfits. 

    Luckily, this post can help. We explore some of the precious gemstones you could wear on an evening out. Here’s everything you need to know: 


    First up are opals. This semi-precious gemstone is famous for making a play of colours. On the stone, you’ll find swirling reds, blues, greens, creams, and purples, like some sort of hallucination. 

    Opal pendants or double opal dangle earrings help to bring a touch of exotic flair to your outfits. The jewel elicits a sense of mystery encouraging people to come forward and get to know you more. 


    Another option for evening looks is tanzanite, a unique violet-blue-coloured diamond, only found in Tanzania. This ultra-precious stone is the ultimate accessory for many women and is perfect for making you look even more alluring in your evening attire. 

    Tanzanite is so precious, it pairs well with neutral clothes. You want your outfits to be the stage for this showpiece gem.


    Diamonds are, of course, the classic choice of jewellery for evening wear. These stunning stones bring brilliance and versatility, enabling you to pair them with virtually any outfit. 

    A new Diamonds by the Yard necklace or earrings might go well with a striking black or red dress. You want diamonds to adorn your body like drops of nectar, giving you a fresh, polished look. 


    Emeralds are another great evening wear option, thanks to their bright green colour. People associate them with peace and harmony, so wearing them could change how others perceive you when you go out. Emeralds are also a refreshing stone and can bring a regal touch to your attire. 

    Emerald bracelets and drop earrings probably make the loudest statement of all, especially when paired with gold. The combination of precious metals and stones makes anything you wear a delight to behold. Emerald pairs well with standard neutrals and a range of other less mainstream options, like brown. 


    Another evening gemstone is sapphire, one of the most elegant and affordable options available. People associate sapphires with royalty and prestige. Many people wear them to add sophistication to their outfits, particularly in the form of pendants or studs. 

    Sapphires work well with dark dresses and blouses. The deep blue of the stone complements an evening look well. However, you can also wear them for parties and other social occasions if you want to look sophisticated. 


    Finally, you might want to try ruby for your evening occasions. This dazzling red gem is slightly different from garnet and offers a deep, rich hue that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in nature. 

    Ruby is a great colour for cocktail parties and dates. As you might imagine, it pairs especially well with black dresses for a signature evening look.


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