• My Favourite Hair Products For Summer

    Hello again! Today I will be sharing my favourite hair care products I’ve been using this year. I love reading about other people’s routines for skincare, haircare and all that fun stuff so I thought I’d do my own little post on it. 

    Due to this beautiful sunshine we have been having in England my hair has naturally got lighter. Not only that, but I have a lot less energy to do anything to my hair at the moment so the products in this post have been a godsend for me to make the process of actually resembling a human a little easier!

    Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food -Banana 

    favourite hair care products garnier ultimate blends hair food banana

    I only purchased this a couple of months ago but it has quickly become one of my favourite hair care products. 

    You can use the Ultimate Blends Banana hair food in three different ways – as a normal conditioner, a hair mask or as a leave-in conditioner. 

    I usually use this as my conditioner, but I leave it in a bit longer so it probably acts as more of a hair mask. It smells SO nice and is really easy to apply – it has the same consistency as a normal conditioner and you can apply it the same way. 

    The reason why this is in my favourite hair hair care products is mainly how it makes my hair feel. After I apply this to my hair, it is completely smooth and knot free – I could run a brush straight through it with no problems. It feels silky and smooth and smells like I’ve been to the salon even the day after I use it which I love. 

    It’s also curly girl method approved, vegan and free of parabens. 

    The cheapest place I have found currently is in Boots but this is available at most big supermarkets & chemists.

    Umberto Giannini Curling Jelly

    my favourite hair products umberto giannini curling jelly

    I’ve never bought a “jelly” before (other than to eat obvs) but I read that it was free of parabens and had some good reviews, so when it was on offer in Waitrose I picked some up and it has now become one of my favourite hair care products. 

    I apply this to wet hair when it needs a bit of a lift or I want some more curls in my hair that look natural.

    I then leave it to dry naturally or use a low heat diffuser so it won’t disrupt my curl pattern too much. At first it does look a bit greasy which did worry me! But after it is fully dry, you just use a “crunching” action from the bottom and it leaves your hair all lovely and wavy/curly. 

    This is currently on offer at Boots or you can purchase through Waitrose or Amazon.

    Lee Stafford Anti Humidity Spray (AKA Dehumidifier)

    favourite hair products lee stafford dehumidifier

    I have quite thick hair, and when it is washed it does tend to frrriiiizzzz. I try to avoid brushing my hair where I can because it just makes it so big and untidy that I look like I don’t own a mirror. 

    When my hair is looking like I haven’t bothered, I apply this Lee Stafford anti-humidity spray and it tames it down so much. I use it on top of my other products and it doesn’t seem to affect them either which is handy. 

    I apply this on to my hair and ‘flatten’ it with my hand and the frizz is instantly eased.  it also has a slight straightening effect which is nice as it looks like you’ve spent more time on styling your than you have! 

    This product used to be called Dehumidifier but it’s now called anti-humidity spray -from what I can tell most websites are selling it for the same price. Click here for Boots, Lee Stafford or Amazon.

    Noughty Care Taker Conditioner

    favourite hair products noughty care taker

    I am prone to sensitive skin as I have mentioned many times on my blog, and this “caretaker” conditioner is advertised as “scalp soothing with 97% natural ingredients”. I am always on the lookout for products that are delicate on skin – it smells AMAZING and leaves me with no frizz.

    I believe that they also do a version of this in shampoo which I am yet to try but I’m sure they are even more effective when used in conjunction with each other. Currently for sale in Boots or the Noughty website.

    Cantu Shea Butter Shampoo

    cantu shea butter shampoo favourite hair products

    I have seen really mixed reviews on this product, some have said that it is not very suitable for those with fine hair. I have quite thick hair so I thought I’d give it a go as it is very natural and doesn’t contain any sulfates. (can you tell a theme yet?)

    My curls are very hit and miss, but now I’m consistently using this I find my curl pattern is much more defined and doesn’t need as much TLC of a morning!

    It smells delicious and is curly girl friendly – you can purchase in Superdrug, Boots or on Amazon.

    Heat Protectant Spray Tresemme

    I used to use tongs on my hair so often and it looked pretty terrible as it was so heat damaged. I barely use heat on my hair these days, but when I do, this Tresemme heat protectant spray is my go-to before I style it.

    tresemme heat protectant favourite hair products

    It helps reduce frizz (sometimes I use this as well as the lee Stafford product above) and locks in the hydration in your hair to prevent it getting as damaged. Like any heat protectant, it will not be a 100% coverage from heat but it definitely does help. The smell also makes me feel like I’ve been to the hairdresser – I love it. 

    Get this at Tesco, Superdrug or Boots.

    Colab Dry Shampoo

    I included this dry shampoo in another blog post of mine, My Favourite Beauty Products In 2020, because it really is a lifesaver! I don’t wash my hair too much because, as gross as it sounds, it looks worse than it did to start with so I rely heavily on dry shampoo!

    colab dry shampoo

    Despite being *just* more expensive than its biggest competitor, Batiste, I find that the small amount extra you pay is worth it. 

    This one I have included has a lovely rose scent to it without being too over powering and leaves no white marks on my hair. It has lasted me a really long time so far and I will definitely be repurchasing. 

    There are a few different flavours of the Colab dry shampoo but I think the original is my personal favourite. They also have the prettiest designs on which make them look lovely on your shelf! I got mine in Boots.

    That concludes this post on my favourite hair products – I hope you have found some inspiration within my recommendations. Let me know in the comment below if you have tried any of these yourself!

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