• 12 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Handbag

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    Keys, check. Phone, check. But wait! Before you walk out the door and head out, you need to be sure that your bag contains everything you need while you’re out. The contents of a handbag differ from woman to woman, depending on where you are going and for how long. But no matter the circumstances, every woman needs to be ready for the unexpected before heading out. Are you confused about what to pack into your handbag before going out? We have a list of items for you to go through.

    1. A nail file, or two

    A nail file should be a no-brainer for almost every woman. Before heading out, you should make sure you have this simple tool in your bag. As far as our fingernails are concerned, accidents can happen at any time and in any form. As a lady, The last you want is to walk around with a hazardous chipped or broken fingernail.  A nail file gets the job done very effectively and in no time. Whether you are trying to saw off a broken nail or just smoothening the edges, you can never go wrong with a nail file.

    1. Your purse

    It seems having your purse in your handbag should go without saying, but it is still worth mentioning. We cannot complete the list of essential items every woman needs in her bag without mentioning a wallet or purse. The right size wallet depends on your preference or what you need it for. The most important thing is that it should be able to carry all your money and cards. It should also be effortless to access and open, without putting you at risk of exposing all its contents to retrieve a few bills. 

    1. A makeup bag

    Not every woman prefers to put on makeup. But if cosmetics are a part of your regular habit, then it’s safe you don’t step out without your makeup bag or kit in your handbag. If you love makeup, then this is something you should have in your bag. Your makeup kit should include the following, at least – a lipstick, an eyeliner, and a mascara. These three products will easily do the trick for you, no matter where you are heading or the time of day. On the plus side, it takes a few minutes to apply.

    1. Sanitizer

    The whole world seems to have been brought to its knees by the current coronavirus pandemic, with medical experts advising and encouraging the use of hand sanitizers. But the Coronavirus is not the only thing your sanitizer will protect you from. The outside world is full of so many health risks. From doorknobs of public washrooms to the simple-looking public handrails, germs are on almost any kind of surface. This is the reason why every woman needs to carry along at least a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer in her bag – and use it often. Also, if you find yourself in a public washroom without running water, your sanitizer will come in pretty handy.

    1. Some mints

    There are few things worse than enjoying your favourite meal and then dealing with the smell of your breath. It becomes even more embarrassing when you have to be engaged in a conversation. Sometimes, pursing our lips for long periods can also cause bad breath. But no matter what the cause is, bad breath is always a turn off for almost everyone. Therefore, as a lady, it is essential to always have a mint or two in your bag to take care of those potentially embarrassing situations and smell minty fresh. Be careful, though; not all mint products can do the job. Be sure to get one that would keep your breath fresh for more extended periods.

    1. Perfume

    Now that you’ve taken care of any potential breath issues, you should carry a tiny bottle of perfume in your bag to keep your body smelling good all day long. A woman should always have an attractive, long-lasting, lingering scent no matter where she goes. One way to achieve this is by carrying a small bottle of your perfume in your bag. Thankfully, most perfume brands come in different sizes. Therefore, anytime you purchase your favourite perfume, be sure to buy one in a smaller size that can fit effortlessly into your bag.

    1. Hairband and bobby pins

    For the ladies that love to wear their hair down with the grace and lustre it deserves, there are times when you wish you could cut it off immediately. This is especially true during those days when there is very high humidity, and the heat tends to get in the way and cause problems to our hair. Plus, a simple hairband or bobby pins are enough to take care of the problem without leaving you feeling out of your skin. Every woman needs to keep hair accessories in her handbag to prevent a bad hair day.

    1. Tissue paper

    It is always a bad idea to leave home without a pack of tissue paper in your bag. Have you ever found yourself breathing heavily in public simply because you do not have tissues to blow your nose with? Not only is this very embarrassing, but it is also very unattractive. Plus, you can also use tissue papers for so many other things when you’re in town.

    1. Small-sized snacks

    If you are part of most ladies who love chocolates and candy, there is no shame in carrying some snacks with you in your bag. Aside from the sheer sweet pleasure we derive from consuming them, candies and chocolates are also energy boosters. Therefore they can be essential buddies to have with you, especially during those marathon days when it’s easy to skip meals without knowing. A few bars of chocolate may be all you need to hold yourself together during those dizzy moments.

    1. Portable charger

    The truth is, we all use our phones for longer periods during the day than we are ready to admit. Whether stuck in traffic, waiting in a queue, using public transport, or even having lunch, our phones are always in use. This means that our phones are more likely to run out of power at least once a day. The last thing you want is to be asking people in public if you can use their phone chargers. Therefore, it is always essential to carry yours with you all the time to recharge your phone battery. If you have a portable power bank, that’s even better. 

    1. Sanitary pads or tampons

    Even if you are confident that it is not that time of the month, it is always a good idea to carry a pack of pads in your bag. There is still a chance of you meeting another lady in distress in public. What’s better than being a helping hand to a fellow woman? Even better, you can also carry along a pack of aspirin to help with those unbearable cramps.

    1. Sunglasses in its case

    A pair of sunglasses is more than just a fashion accessory. Whenever you expect to spend a considerable amount of time under the sun, you need to carry your sunglasses along. Not merely have them in your bag, but you need to wear your sunglasses when under the full glare of the sun. It is essential to pick a pair capable of blocking out the harmful UV rays from the sun. To be on the safe side, always purchase your sunglasses from trusted brands. You can order a pair online. Eyeglasses.com has all the high-quality brands for you to choose from. 

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