• 4 Incredible Ideas To Add More Fun To Your Home

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    Homeowners always focus on comfort. You want your interiors to be comfortable because you spend a lot of time at home, especially recently. Therefore, it’s unhealthy if it’s stressful as your cortisol levels will go through the roof.

    You can see why we do it, but it doesn’t mean you should stop once you have achieved your goals. If anything, it’s better to opt for a new concept – fun. Living in a property should make you happy, and to do that, it should make you smile. Sadly, this isn’t the case if you only focus on comfort.

    The good news is, there are easy ways to incorporate more enjoyment into your home’s interiors.

    Take It To The Boudoir

    Your bedroom is probably a traditional place because you want to ensure you get the best night’s rest possible. Therefore, you don’t want to switch it up too much. However, you can play around with different elements without affecting your wellbeing. For instance, a waterbed is proven to be effective when it comes to the quality of sleep. It’s even easier for kids as bunk beds and cabin beds are extremely exciting. Check out the cabin beds at Cuckooland for more info. The thing to remember is that your bedroom doesn’t have to be classical. It can be quirky, too.

    Store Stuff Under The Stairs

    There is never enough storage to go around, mainly because humans hoard their belongings and don’t throw them away. As a result, you could be living in a cluttered home, which isn’t good for anybody. Thankfully, the staircase has a trick up its sleeve. The hollowed-out space is perfect for sliding drawers or little wardrobes as it’s pretty much readymade. All you need to do is fashion the doors or drawers and you’re good to go. The novelty of a bookcase or walk-in closet under the stairs will never wear thin.

    Upcycled Light Fixtures

    When in doubt, opt for upcycling. It’s cheap, accessible, and most importantly, fun. You will see upcycled pieces a lot, but you might not realize it because they work with the rest of the décor seamlessly. For instance, lots of homeowners use old paint tins as plant pots. To take it to the next level, you can get a collection of old beer bottles and glue them to different levels of glass. Once you position it over a light bulb, the quirky reflections will add an ambiance to the room that never existed, while the fixture itself will be a focal point.

    Ceiling Hammock

    Just imagine being able to lie down and relax while overlooking your home’s interiors. The BBC says people are inspired by and incorporate balconies and balustrades for this reason, yet they can be closed-off. For a more open appeal, you should take away the ceiling – make sure it’s not load-bearing – and install a big hammock. The holes will ensure there are no blockages, and chilling on it will bring a new meaning to the experience when you’re suspended 15ft from the ceiling!

    If you could choose a way to add more fun to your home, what would it be?


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