• Blog Makeover: A Collaboration with Blogerize

    This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid or given anything in return for this post, other than my blog make over. All opinions are my own with no bias involved.
    I was contacted by Olivia from Blogerize asking if I would like to collaborate with them and have my blog made over for free, in exchange for a small testimonial. I was so excited! After exchanging a few emails, Olivia gave me her advice and asked if there was any specific details I wanted to add. I told her my preferences and that same day it was sent off to be designed.

    After just a couple of days, I was emailed back with an idea of my design and I absolutely loved it. I responded with one extra aspect I wanted and it was added immediately – they were so easy to work with and I felt I was really listened to. I have been thinking of going self hosted on my blog but I couldn’t make my mind up, and for this design to be added to my blog I did need to be self hosted so this was the push that I needed. Olivia recommended SiteGround and gave me some more info with the pros and cons, and in the end I decided to go with them.

    The whole process was incredibly easy because after I had signed up, Olivia asked if I knew how to do a few things and technophobe me had no idea! I got a response straight away saying that she would deal with everything that I didn’t know about which was so helpful! I had set up a domain with 1&1 previously so I needed to change the name servers too, but unfortunately didn’t know how to do this. She was kind enough to do this all for me, and even when there was a problem (I had two accounts so it got confusing) she contacted their customer service team on my behalf and managed to solve the problem.

    My old blog, pre make over.

    My new and improved blog, yay!

    Since my site has been live, I have emailed Olivia with a few things that I wasn’t sure about, not anything they had done but merely because I’m so new to WordPress that I was rather clueless! I got a response within hours giving me a solution.
    I would highly recommend Blogerize, their customer service was exemplary and any query I had was solved within hours so I would give this experience 5/5 stars. Thank you Blogerize for my updated blog – it looks so much more professional, and has given it everything that I would’ve really struggled with!
    If you’d like to give your blog a make over, you can take a look at their website here. They have some great blogging workshops and designs for free too, so check out their website!


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