• How To Create The Perfect Bath

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    Are you a bath or a shower person? In fact, in a survey, only 32% of people said they preferred a bath to a shower.   If you’re someone who loves a nice relaxing bath, then you know how important getting the basics right can be. 

    Baths are a great way to relieve stress, soothe any aching muscles and just generally switch off and recharge for a while. 

    But it’s not just as simple as running the water and splashing some bubble bath in. 

    Clear the clutter

    It’s hard to relax in a disorganised environment. If your bathroom could do with a clean, or looks like a branch of Boots exploded in it, then you might want to do a bit of tidying first. Create a calm, relaxing environment that is clear of bottles and gives you the chance to go to the fair trade candle shop to buy a gorgeous scented candle to create a beautiful atmosphere. 

    Get The Perfect Temperature

    Again, this is a personal preference. We all know someone who can sit in a bath that would boil a lobster, and come out of there bright red. You want to find a temperature that’s hot enough to relax in but not so hot that it makes you feel dizzy, or that you can’t stay in for very long. If you’re planning on having a really long soak, then you can always run some more hot water when you’re in there. 

    Bubbles or Bath Salts?

    There are so many things you can add to your bath to make your skin smell and feel great. Choose from bubble bath, bath oils, slats or even a bath bomb (but be prepared for the cleanup). 

    Choose something that’s will enhance your skin. So if you have dry skin, go for a luxurious oil. If you’re trying to soothe aching muscles, use something with lavender or camomile. 

    Leave The Phone 

    Don’t spend your precious bath time scrolling through your phone. Leave it somewhere else. Or use it to play music while you soak. Some people like to read in the bath, others like to clear their mind and do absolutely nothing. There are even bath caddies you can but that lets you prop your iPad up and watch a movie when you’re in the bath. Do what you find relaxing, not what other people tell you you should be doing. 

    Do Some Pampering 

    The bath is a great place to put on a face mask and let it work its magic on your skin. The warm water and steam will help it work by opening your pores and letting the ingredients work more effectively. 

    Know the difference between pampering and maintenance though. A facemask is relaxing. Washing your hair and shaving your legs isn’t. Try and keep this bath just for downtime. 

    Ready To Relax?

    If all of this doesn’t have you thinking about running a relaxing bath, then nothing will. There are so many benefits from having a little downtime and self-care that it’s the ideal way to do this. 


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