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    I haven’t been into beauty products too much until about a year ago. I always thought that there were better ways to spend my money (on food, granted) but the more blogs I read and the more videos I watched, the more intrigued I was. I’ve never been much of a morning person, and I’m still not. I am that girl that will wake up as late as physically possible to still get to work on time. I still like to cleanse and moisturise my face of a morning, but at the moment I’m a lot more focused on my evening products to help me relax and unwind, so I’ve documented just a few of my current favourites.

    Benefit – it’s potent! Eye cream. RRP £28

    I have totally fallen in love with this eye cream, which isn’t great for me because it is on the expensive side. I could have 10 hours sleep yet I would still have dark circles under my eyes, so I was browsing the Benefit counter quite a while back now and this was the first product recommended to me. I was sampled a small amount in the shop and I loved how it felt, so I bought it there and then and I’m still using it now! I was really attracted to the packaging – it comes in a little glass jar inside a cute box, which I think really accentuates the brand that Benefit promotes.

    I try to apply this every night, and on a good day I use it in the morning too. It hasn’t completely removed my dark circles but it has definitely brightened my eye area so they are a lot less noticeable, and I feel a lot less self conscious when I’m not wearing much make up. I love the feel it leaves on my face – it’s lightweight, moisturising, and great for use with make up.
    You can purchase this here.

    Lush – ‘Sleepy’ Body Lotion. RRP £27/440g.

    I do love a lot of products from Lush but I totally swear by this product. I was browsing through Lush one time and I went to smell this and honestly, it’s incredible. I wasn’t really willing to spend that much on body lotion, so I didn’t buy it but my boyfriend went and bought it for me as a gift and now I’m a little too attached to it.

    I often struggle to relax before I go to sleep but when I use this, the lavender has such a calming affect and I feel so comforted. The feeling of this on your skin is almost thick but so smooth and it does go a long way despite the price, so if you struggle with any anxieties I would really recommend this product.

    Feather and Down – Pillow Spray RRP £9.95/ 100ml.

    I was a little sceptical about this product because pillow sprays never seemed to work for me. I actually got this in a set as a gift, and whilst I’d never used these before I will definitely be repurchasing.

    I instantly felt soothed and relaxed when I applied this spray to my bedding – it’s not too overpowering and has the perfect balance of lavender and chamomile. If I can’t sleep then I will generously apply this to my pillows, bedding, or even nightwear and I almost always manage to fall asleep.This product is quite reasonably priced, usually at £9.95, but it’s currently on Amazon for £7 here!

    Lush – Skindrink RRP £21/45g

    Once I’ve removed any make up and cleansed my face, this is my favourite moisturiser to apply from Lush. I asked in store about a moisturiser that will be more potent on my dry skin and Skin Drink was recommended for me. I will admit that it smells a little different, almost ‘natural’ smelling but I’m more interested in the feel, and that’s what has really made this product a favourite of mine. It sinks in to the skin well, and can be used sparingly. However, be aware that it leaves a protective layer on your skin (which is great for the evening) but is not as suitable for a morning routine as it wouldn’t respond well to make up being applied on top.

    And that’s all of my current favourites! If you have tried any of these items let me know your personal experience. And if you haven’t tried these, you should!

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