• Navigating Around Black Friday 2019!

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    Black Friday is returning this year on November 29th and as usual, many stores will be cutting their prices such as John Lewis, Argos and Debenhams.

    Millions of people will be shopping for the best bargains so you’ll need to be prepared if you’re planning on getting involved – keep reading to pick up some tips on avoiding the chaos when grabbing the best deals!

    What is Black Friday?

    Black Friday started in America and is typically the Friday after Thanksgiving. The madness has now come to the UK, where many retailers cut their prices in the run up to Christmas.

    Black Friday was originally just on the one day, but in the recent years it has been spread out over a weekend, with ‘Cyber Monday’ following online price cuts.

    Having said this, Black Friday is widely advertised to the public in the weeks upcoming to the event and many retailers offer deals in the week running up to it.

    How can I navigate this experience?

    There are many ways to make the madness easier to navigate. For example..

    Know what you’re buying, before you go.

    The more research you do, the better of course! It’s so much easier to understand what is a great bargain or heavily discounted product if you know what you’re wanting to buy and the usual price of the product.

    Choose your time

    It goes without saying that the best deals will be gone earlier in the day so if you’re able to get to the shops in the morning then you have a much better chance of taking advantage of these deals. As well as this, many people tend to think the Friday is always the best time to buy – sometimes you are better off checking on other days over the weekend to secure those deals.

    Use comparison sites.

    This is where Slick Deals become really useful. Websites like this survey so many retailers and pick out the best deals to save you so much time and ensure that you’re aware of the best discounts. Their website is displayed in a way that you can navigate each section very easily and find the best deals in categories such as Fashion, Tech, Travel and Beauty.

    Take advantage of coupons.

    There are many websites designed specifically for the purpose of fishing out the best codes. Slick Deals also have a whole thread of finding coupon codes which you can see here.

    Use your phone wisely

    Not only can you check product’s average price, but apps from Apple and Android store can really speed up the process of the sale as websites often get very slow when there are a big surge of visitors.

    I hope you enjoyed this article and hopefully found it helpful. Slick Deals have a page that’s much more detailed if you’re looking for specific retailers and deals that you can get your hands on which you can find here.


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