10 Annoying and Strange Things I Can’t Eat With A Yeast Allergy

Life being yeast free can be annoying. Seeing your friends tuck into Domino’s and cheese toasties and not being able to indulge is a struggle, but there are some things that I never realised I wouldn’t be able to eat. Here are just a few…

1. Pringles

The struggles.

2. Gravy and stock cubes

Hello dry roast dinner!

3. Doughnuts and Pretzels

I miss spilling jam all over my face

4. Certain cheeses

Cheese? Really?

5. Flatbreads and pittas

They don’t even need to rise…

6. Soy Sauce and Sushi

I’m getting hungry now

7. Alcohol

Sober dancing is my favourite.

8. Sausages

Fancy sausages apparently have added yeast for flavour. Yay me!

9. Soup

I need to find a chicken soup alternative for the winter. Anyone?

10. Waffles and Croissants

No wonder I lost weight 🙈

That concludes the 10 main things that surprised me, and kill me not eating! If you follow a yeast-free diet through choice to be healthy then I really admire your willpower!

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