• REVIEW: ‘Fake Up’ (now Boi-ing) from Benefit

    Today’s post is a review of fake up under eye concealer from Benefit. Overall I really love this product so I can’t wait to share my overview with you all!

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    Product: Hydrating Concealer. This has now changed to Boi-ing but it is the same product.
    RRP: £20
    Miracle Ingredients: Appleseed extract with Vitamin E
    Weight: 3.5g
    Shades available: light, medium, deep

    It began with me wondering into Boots and impulsively looking at the benefit counter as I always seem to end up being drawn to their products. I had a few already and I’d had a rubbish week so I wanted to make myself look better than I felt.

    When I told the assistant on the benefit counter that I needed something to cover dark circles, she seemed very excited to recommend this product to me as it specialises in hydration and coverage of that area.

    The product packaging is very attractive – it consists of a silver pack with a busy pink design, fitting into Benefit’s brand very well. As this product retails at £18.50, it’s on the expensive side but it does do its job and last a long time so I would say it’s worth the money.

    As you can see, it’s an unusual product as the concealer is actually in the middle of the stick with the hydration barrier covering on the outside of the product. The concealer is a twist up jobby, making my boyfriend think it’s lipstick every time I use it!

    Kerri why are you putting lipstick on your under eyes?”

    I got this in shade ‘light’ because I’m so pale, and this suited me well. Unfortunately this is only available in 3 different shades, and I’ve heard mixed reviews on other skin tones but this does work for me. When I applied this product I was surprised how smooth and pigmented it was – it’s not particularly big in size but you don’t need to apply very much at all. The consistency could be compared to butter so it is very easily applied and is totally lump and crease free.

    Once this has been applied I blend with a small brush or sometimes with my fingers. The product melted in to my skin with ease and covered my dark circles so well whilst still feeling hydrating. I used this product in conjunction with the benefit eye cream and I definitely noticed a difference.

    I applied this concealer before working a busy 5 hour shift, and went shopping afterwards. When I arrive home the product was still applied well so it has really long lasting affects.

    One negative I would touch on is the oily-ness (is that a word?) this product has. As I have the most dry, horrible skin ever this did not bother me as I need all the hydration I can get. But if you have naturally oily skin then this may not be the best product for you, or you may need to apply some powder to set/ skip primer.

    Very pigmentedQuite oily formula
    Great coverageFairly expensive
    Perfect size for your handbagLimited shades available
    Long lasting

    Overall I really enjoy using this product and it is one that I always keep in my makeup bag. I will definitely be repurchasing the Boi-ing version when this runs out.


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