• 5 Tips On Choosing Accessories To Complete Your Winter Look


    Once you’ve purchased a few new winter dresses and coats, you’ll want to complete your look with some accessories. When you’re choosing winter accessories there are many factors to consider from warmth to comfort and style. To help you choose the right items, try taking on board these simple tips.

    1 . Choosing a winter hat

    Choosing the right winter hat is as much about creating the right look as it is about keeping nice and warm. So which types of winter hats are trending? Let’s consider a few options for inspiration:

    • The Beret: Beret style hats are everywhere right now, if you’re not afraid of a bold winter look, then this may well be the hat for you! Beret hats have a fitted band and are floppy and full on top, (the Parisian style hat).
    • Cloches: Cloches have come back in style and we couldn’t be happier! These make a super cute winter hat, with an extended brim and a circular top. It’s best to colour match with your coat or scarf,( to avoid any color clashes)!


    2. Choosing winter gloves

    Looking for a lovely pair of stylish gloves? Consider these options to get started:

    • Organic sheep’s wool gloves: Organic wool is a type of biodegradable and natural fibre, this wool is especially farmed to consider the environment and sustainability. These gloves are soft to the touch, very warm, and incredibly stylish.
    • Recycled cashmere gloves: Cashmere gloves are a beautiful accessory for any winter look, however not all cashmere is eco-friendly. To be a green fashionista lookout for brands that use recycled cashmere, such as ‘Organic Basics’.

    3. The right jewellery

    When you’re all wrapped up in your winter coat, it’s likely that your necklaces and bracelets will be obscured from view. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little bit of bling to your look! For instance, you could try adding pins and brooches to your coat. To stay on-trend, try adding an insect broach to your coat, whether a bee or a dragonfly. When accessorizing your winter dresses, choose a classic charm bracelet, the Nomination Charms brand has some beautiful designs on offer.

    4. Trending scarves

    Wondering which type of scarves are trending right now? It’s all about faux fur, oversized knit, or cashmere color block scarves. If you’re looking to save a bit of money and go green, why not try shopping using a pre-loved or vintage clothing app? Apps such as ThredUp, Vinted or Depop have plenty of options for vintage and second-hand items in great condition. With the handy search filter options, it’s simple to search by brand, style, or price.

    5. Consider sustainability 

    As we’ve touched on already, it’s important to consider sustainability when creating your winter look, there are plenty of ways you can do this including:

    • Supporting sustainable and green brands.
    • Shopping for quality as opposed to fast fashion.
    • Looking out for eco-friendly materials, i.e soy cashmere, hemp, and organic cotton.
    • Buy second-hand or vintage where possible.
    • Choose items you’re likely to wear again and again.
    • Practice mindful shopping, only purchase the items you love.

    When you’re stocking up on those winter fashion trends, try to keep things as green as possible.


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