• Femme Luxe Finery • Is It Worth The Hype? REVIEW

    As we are still being instructed to stay at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have all had to eliminate our shopping trips and stick to shopping online if we want to buy new clothes. I have always been a little dubious about purchasing clothing online – I’m a rather petite gal (5’3″ with a smaller top half than bottom) so I have had mixed experiences when I can’t try on the clothes before I buy them.

    Femme Luxe Finery very kindly got in contact with me and asked if they could send me some clothing in exchange for an honest review, so of course I said yes! I have heard many things about their brand, mainly on Instagram, and have seen other bloggers collaborate with them so I was excited to try out some of their items.

    Disclaimer: These clothes were sent to me on a gifted basis. I was not paid for this review – all opinions are 100% my own as always! You can read my privacy policy here.

    Femme Luxe Finery Rose Loungewear Set

    https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/ rose v neck loungewear set

    RRP £35.98
    Now £17.99

    I ordered this loungewear in a size S/M which is equivalent to size 8-10. I have never owned a matching set like this so I was intrigued to see how I would look in it, and I was actually quite pleased with the result.

    The material is very good quality – you can feel in the stitching that it’s not going to just fall apart which you sometimes feel with other brands. I also loved the pink colour, it was exactly how it looked in the photo and it is so so comfy!

    One negative I would pick up on is that you can only order the one size for both items. So if you’re like me and wear different size tops to trousers then one item may be on the bigger or smaller side. The trousers fit me well but the top is too big for me which is totally fine if I’m in the house but I would feel a little self-conscious going out in the t-shirt – I haven’t been graced with big boobs like the model so with it being a v-neck it is quite low cut and I would worry about too much being on show!

    Glitter Velvet Strappy Mini Dress

    https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/ glitter velvet strappy mini dress pink

    Was £41.98
    Now £16.99

    I really love this pink dress – I didn’t own anything like it so I knew straight away this was going to be one of the items I would choose to receive. It did not disappoint, it was even nicer in real life and the material once again felt good quality.

    One of the best selling points for me was that you can adjust the straps to your own height, which is perfect if you’re smaller (or taller) than the average gal.

    I ordered a size 10 and I was pleased with the fit, this is the exact sort of dress I would wear on a night out so I’m looking forward to making use of it when lockdown restrictions are relaxed!

    Print Crew Neck T-Shirt

    https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/ print slogan crew neck t shirt

    RRP £11.98
    Now £6.99

    I have got a bit of an obsession with slogan t-shirts, anything a bit sassy or humorous, I want it on my shirt. Femme Luxe have quite a large collection of t-shirts, many of them with slogans on so it did take me a while to choose just one!

    In the end I opted for the slogan “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”. I have seen this phrase more and more frequently in the last few months with what is going on in the world right now. It’s so important for us all to share a bit of kindness so I couldn’t resist this t-shirt.

    I ordered a size S/M which is the same as 8/10 and it fits me perfectly. I have had this less than two weeks and worn it many times already – I like how it looks tucked in with a casual pair of jeans.

    Femme Luxe Finery Slinky Balloon Sleeve Dress

    https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/ red wine balloon sleeve dress

    RRP £29.98
    Now £14.99

    I was so so excited to try this out – I LOVE the bardot style and especially in the gorgeous red wine colour, I was sold.

    I ordered this in a size 10 but sadly the chest area was so big for me I ended up having to pin in for it to stay up, as without the pins it just fell down and I was totally exposed…

    This did surprise me as the sizing in the other three items had been spot on. In hindsight I think the 8 may have been a better choice, but other than the chest area I’d say the 10 would’ve been a good fit. As I said earlier I’m not particularly big busted so this may have been why it did not sit how I expected it to, as the model is of course taller with much bigger boobs.

    I ended up pinning the dress across the boob area and then sitting it by my collar bones rather than the bardot style which is pictured on the website. It is such a shame as this was one of my favourites out of the collection which I couldn’t wait to wear but unfortunately I don’t think I’d have the confidence to wear it on a night out… as gorgeous as it is, all of my dignity would be held in a few safety pins! Having said this I would love to try out some of their other dresses as the whole collection is really beautiful.

    As with all online shopping, it is a bit of a gamble as we are all different shapes and sizes and it can be very difficult to predict how something would look on your own body. However, I was impressed with the quality of the clothing and really liked the style of many of their items so I would 100% recommend this brand to anyone wanting to buy some new clothes at an affordable price.

    What’s better is that their customer service was faultless – through all of the emails we exchanged, they were one of the most friendly brands I have worked with yet which is always lovely as they treat you like a friend and nothing seemed too much trouble.

    I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Femme Luxe Finery! You can check out their website here or alternatively find them on Instagram & Facebook.


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      I can so relate to the idea of my top being smaller than the bottom half of my body. Great fashion post. Keep up the great work!

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      The pink dress really stood out in you. Great review.

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