• Why Winter Is My Favourite Season

    Winter is totally underrated in my opinion. Many people I’ve spoken to say that they prefer summertime, but there are so many reasons why winter is my favourite season. There’s nothing better for me than to be snuggled up in blankets and candles with a movie! Whilst we’re experiencing a very chilly February, I thought I’d share some of the things I look forward to the most in the wintertime.

    Hot Chocolate

    red and white Santa Claus ceramic mug

    Not that there’s anything stopping you from having a hot choc in the summer, but there’s something so comforting about having a hot chocolate on a cold, wintery night.


    road covered by snow near vehicle traveling at daytime

    I am such a child when it comes to snow and I hope for it every year. Sadly in the UK, we don’t get it very often so when it has snowed I have tried to make the most of it! A lot of the UK has had snow this month, however as I live right in the south of the country, we have had none whatsoever. 🙁


    woman looking at back under nimbus clouds

    I am quite a hot-blooded human so in the summer I’m a sweaty mess. Not only do I not have this trouble when it comes to the colder months, but I love the cute outfits you can put together when it’s cold – layers of jackets with a hat, scarf and a cute bag are my favourite.


    green Christmas tree near wall

    Even as an adult I LOVE Christmas. I’m that really annoying person that tries to put the tree up really early (I’m usually told no) and add Christmas music to my playlist much before December so I can appreciate it a bit longer *buries head*.
    As a kid, winter & Christmas was built up so much so I spent the whole season really excited for what was to come. Which brings me to my next point…

    Celebrating My Birthday

    square brown and white gift box

    Lots of people show me pity when I tell them my birthday is 6 days before Christmas, but I actually really enjoy it. My boyfriend and I have this little tradition now, every year around my birthday we go to London’s Winter Wonderland and it’s a magical way to spend my birthday. More on that in a mo..

    Hot Water Bottles

    Homer is literally me with a hot water bottle. I don’t think a day has gone by this month that I haven’t had one to cosy up to – I just love it!


    angel topiary lights  why winter is my favourite season

    The pretty lights are one of my favourite parts of winter – I like to go for drives just to see the city lit up. If you haven’t been to Winter Wonderland in London, I can’t recommend it enough. It is free to get in and the majority of the time, we don’t even spend very much money but walk around taking in the lovely atmosphere.


    Nothing like Christmas movies to get you in the spirit. Pizza, movie, hot choc, snacks = boom. Easy date night.

    For the first time this year, I went to a drive-in cinema (covid friendly) where you sit in your car and connect the audio via your radio. We went to see Love Actually and it was a really lovely experience! Even if I did get home at 2am…

    Listening to the rain

    clear glass frame  why winter is my favourite season

    There’s something so therapeutic about listening to the rain. We always get a lot of rain (in England anyway) in the winter…and every other season.

    Celebrating The New Year

    Another excuse to have a party with friends and play games whilst having a few drinks – I always like to do something even if it’s a minimal celebration. Usually I try to make goals for the upcoming year too, I’m just not very good at keeping them…


    It is such a novelty watching someone you love opening a gift that you know they will enjoy – I always look forward to watching their reaction! At the same time I’m so rubbish at keeping secrets and being patient, the minute I wrap a gift up I just want to tell the recipient to open it.


    Most people seem to spend the winter months feeling festive and grateful for what they have. I love the atmosphere it creates when you’re sharing happy moments with loved ones – it leaves you all warm and fuzzy.

    Ice Skating

    Bambi is an accurate representation of me on the ice rink. That doesn’t stop me from going every year though. My mum and I usually go to Somerset House in London – it’s the most gorgeous setting with a big rink and music.


    close up photo of lighted sparkler why winter is my favourite season

    2020 was the first year in many many years that I didn’t attend at least one fireworks display 🙁 as a child, I was taken every year religiously so this has clearly rubbed off on me as an adult and I have enjoyed it ever since. Sadly covid meant that it was cancelled this year but it is definitely one of the reasons why winter is my favourite season.

    Markets & Street Food

    Looking at these churros makes me hungry! I have bought many lovely gifts at Christmas markets – I love the atmosphere with the nice food, pretty lights and company.
    It’s also nice to support smaller, local businesses (at Christmas especially) which are usually the sort of traders you see at these markets. Even small purchases make so much more difference to a small business in comparison to big, high street brands so I like to support them where I can.

    That completes this little list of reasons why winter is my favourite season. I hope everyone stays warm and safe in this freezing cold February we are having. Hopefully, 2021 will be the year that life improves for us all.

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