• How To Get A FREE Graze Box (& Subscription Review)

    Hello again! Today I will be sharing with you how to get a Graze box entirely FREE! They’re totally delicious, tailored to your likes/dislikes, and who doesn’t love a freebie?!
    Although it doesn’t feel it with this chilly weather, summer is getting closer so I am trying to be a little more healthy. Graze is all about providing snacks that are healthier for you, and as I don’t think I have the willpower to stop snacking entirely, I thought I’d give them a go.

    photo of free graze subscription box

    I am one of those people that snack. All. The. Time. I’m a sucker for anything you can pick at – crisps, chocolate, you name it. Before I realise it, the whole bag has gone and I’ve demolished at least 500 calories and goodness knows how much sugar. This is my life.

    I have seen Graze popping up a lot more recently, so I decided to try out their free box and review it here on my blog. It was a freebie, so what had I got to lose?

    What Is Graze?

    Graze is a UK based company that started up in 2008.  It was launched by seven friends that started off by delivering nuts and snacks, then later launched an online shop and started selling some products in supermarkets such as Boots, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. 

    According to their website, their products will never contain artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives and will always contain at least one nut, seed, fruit, veg or wholegrain so they have created a much healthier way of snacking. 

    How Does The Graze Subscription Work?

    graze review flapjack subscription box

    For the subscription, you can choose to have it delivered weekly or every other week, at £4.49 a box with free delivery. If you go on to their website you can get your first box for half price, but you’re better off using my discount code in the button below to get 3 FREE Graze boxes. This will start a subscription for you, but if you want to you can cancel it straight after and still receive your freebie.

    Once you sign up for Graze, you will be asked for the usual details like your name, address etc. You will also have to put your card details in before you have made any decisions regarding your box, which is one thing I was unsure on as it didn’t give me any option to alter my preferences until after you had paid. If you don’t wish to continue with your paid subscription you can cancel without paying anything and still get your free box.

    Anyway, once you have inputted these details, you will be taken to a page that allows you to “love”, “like” or “dislike” a whole load of different snacks, to give them a better idea of which products you’re more likely to enjoy. Any items you click “dislike” to will then be excluded from your box. This is not a mandatory step, but as I’m a little fussy I wanted to ensure that the snacks I receive would definitely be to my taste. You can totally skip all of this and get a random selection if you want to live life on the edge but I could not deal with such uncertainty. 

    nutritional information graze subscription boxes

    One thing I did really like about the format was that you could choose to avoid certain things, so as I don’t have any milk, I could just click to exclude milk and all of these would be automatically excluded. When you receive the box, there is a separate leaflet that contains all the ingredients and allergens that the products contain. There is also a note to people with allergies that all of the snacks are prepared in the same place so there is a chance of cross-contamination. I wasn’t aware of it before so I thought it would be helpful to add for people with special dietary requirements who’d still like to take advantage of the free Graze box.

    Something I would like to see in the future would be to search for items excluding any ingredient you choose. As of now, I could only find more common things that people would want to avoid, eg milk, soya, higher calorie, etc. As I don’t eat yeast, I did have to give one of the snacks to my boyfriend because I couldn’t exclude yeast from my box. This is only a minor thing though, I was still satisfied with the snacks I received. 

    How Much Do Graze Boxes Cost?

    As I said, when paying full price the standard boxes are £4.49 each with free delivery, making it roughly £1.12 per individual item. There are obviously cheaper products you will find out there to satisfy your sweet tooth but I really like having the surprise each week, and the ease of having my Graze box delivered without having to do anything.

    I tend to play it safe with my food, I stick to what I know I like so I find it is a great way to try new products without having to buy whole packs of something you may not enjoy.

    My Experience..

    graze subscription box flapjack

    The first box I received included three different flavoured flapjacks and one pack of flavoured pretzels. The pretzels were the item I mentioned above that contained yeast, so I gave them to my boyfriend – he really enjoyed them.

    The second box I received contained four different types of flapjack. I love flapjack so I was quite happy with this. When I was going through the different snacks that I could submit my preference on, I know that I did “love” a few of the different flapjack flavours so this may have just been a coincidence that I received four different flapjacks rather than any other snacks. I didn’t mind so much but may be others would, so I just wanted to mention this.

    berry flapjack graze box

    The snacks that I did received were really delicious so I have to give credit where it’s due, and considering that they’re containing protein and are lower calorie treats I was really happy that I was still satisfying my sweet tooth. I don’t feel as bad about having a Graze snack in comparison to, say, a chocolate bar for example.

    As I mentioned earlier, I can not be trusted with portion control. You will receive four different graze treats and the flapjacks are portioned again in to three pieces which makes it much easier to know when to stop!

    One thing I did pick up on was that you can only do the subscription once per card. I wanted to start up a subscription for my mum and send it straight to her address, but because I was using the same debit card as my account it wouldn’t let me do it which I thought was really unfortunate!

    Over all, I do really enjoy getting my graze boxes. For the time being, I will continue to keep my subscription going as I enjoy receiving my treats, but if I was short of money this is something that I would end up cancelling due to the expense.

    To get your free boxes, click here and use my code QCG7V2ZWB. This will provide you with your first, fifth and tenth boxes free.

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    Thanks for reading this post and supporting my blog! Why not treat yourself to a free Graze box today?

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