• [REVIEW] Glitter Temporary Tattoos – Perfect For Festivals!

    Hello again! It’s been more than a few days since my last post. I would’ve liked to have posted more this week but life and me being a little poorly still has got in the way! However I am now getting back on it with my posts.

    Lictin very kindly sent me these temporary tattoos for an honest review on my blog, I really love the product so I was excited to write all about them! As they are beautifully glittery (my fave) they are very obviously not real but they are absolutely perfect for a festival/night out or even for children to get involved with! I would’ve loved these as a child that’s for sure, especially with Halloween approaching so quickly.

    Not only is the glitter suitable with the stencils, but it also can be used to eye shadow, DIY decorating and for arts & crafts. I haven’t used it for all of these purposes yet but I have every intention to because who doesn’t love a good multi use product?!

    What’s Included?

    This set includes 24 pots of glitter which I think is really generous. You don’t need to apply very much per use so they’re sure to last for such a long time.

    I was amazed at the amount of stencils provided. There are pages and pages of them and it took me so long to look through them and find my favourites. I looked on their Amazon Page to see that you get 117 different designs so you’re bound to find some you love. Here are a few of my favourites.

    To complete the set, you are provided with two pots of glue, which is presented similarly to nail varnish and is pretty much the same to apply so very easy. There are five different brushes in the set, some for glitter application and others to ‘polish’ around the edges as it does get a little messy at times!

    The Results!

    Some of the designs were very intricate so I was unsure how well the tattoos would turn out but they were surprisingly clear!

    Be aware, there is a warning on the product about allergies. I have the most sensitive skin and several allergies already so admittedly I was concerned if my skin would be upset by applying this product but I had no problems at all. It is always suggested to do an allergy test prior to application though to ensure your skin will agree with the product.

    There is a guide telling you how to apply them but it is pretty simple – you put the stencil on the skin, apply glue and then your choice of glitter. Wait for a little bit, remove the stencil and you’re ready to go. It is suggested to use the bigger brush to rub off any excess glitter so this is really helpful.

    Delivery & Price

    The price of this product is £12.99 which I think is really affordable as a gift or a even a treat for yourself! The amount of glitter and stencils you’re provided with, I think could even warrant it to be a little more expensive but as a customer you can’t complain!

    Lictin are not a UK based company so I was unsure if there would be a long delivery time but from when I chose the product to when I received it only 4 days had passed so for international shipping I was really impressed by this.

    As a blogger I often have several questions relating to products that I review, and I was impressed with Lictin as a brand because their customer service was always really good and the owner is really friendly.

    To conclude, this collaboration with Lictin has been a great experience as I loved their product and I think it’s great value for money so I’d love to work with them again. I will be using these on themed nights out, and Halloween for sure!

    Thanks for reading my honest review of this product, click the button below to shop!


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