• My Favourite Wardrobe: Autumn Transition

    Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. If you’ve read my other posts, you will know I am one of those winter babies who waits for hot chocolate and pyjamas in the summer months, and am already looking at Christmas gifts.

    One of my favourite things about Autumn is the beautiful walks where the trees are vibrant orange shades, and your boots crunch the leaves under your feat. I do not deal with the heat well in the summertime so the thought of putting on a jumper and a bobble hat fills me with joy, hence I had to do an Autumn transition wardrobe!

    I have included all different types of clothing (and a few accessories) from different brands and different price ranges, but I tried not too include anything too ridiculously expensive because I personally do not spend a huge amount on just one item and I wanted to keep this post relevant to my favourites and things I would actually buy. That being said, I hope you find it relevant and love the things included as much as I do! Let’s begin…

    Bardot Knitted Jumper – £35, Miss Selfridge

    I don’t actually own any jumpers in this bright colour, or in a bardot style but this look has really grown on me lately! I think this would be perfect in those Autumn days where you need a jumper in the morning, but by lunch time you end up getting too hot in a thick hoodie.
    The off the shoulder style along with the light-weight material would be perfect for those days where the flippant Autumn weather is upon us!

    Horn Button Blouse – £17 (was £27), Topshop

    I’ve never been a massive fan of the ‘v-neck’ so I was surprised how much this blouse caught my eye. I’d like to start wearing blouses more – they’re so easy to wear with a pair of jeans like the model, but pair with a nice skirt, heels & a necklace and you’ve got a really easy outfit for something more formal or a night out.
    And if there is an option to make an outfit effortlessly then I am right there because I spend so long trying to match my outfits (and changing several times)

    Open Front Lapel Coat – £19.99, SheIn

    First of all, can we just appreciate what a good price this is?! £20 for a winter coat is such a bargain! I always go safe when it comes to coats, and such a bold colour is inevitably not going to be to everyone’s taste but I think it looks so pretty and would go with anything!

    Button Skinny Trousers – £5, Everything5Pounds

    Everything 5 Pounds is honestly my idea of heaven. They have so so so much on their website and it’s all 5 pounds (obviously) 😛
    I’d love to purchase these trousers for Autumn – I feel like I’m slowly getting fed up of jeans so I’ve been on the look out for more trousers lately. I love to wear red/pink shades in Autumn – it makes me feel a little better about myself if I feel I’ve made a small bit of effort for the season if nothing else!
    The main thing I love about this is that you can literally pair any style of shoes with this design. Trainers? Casual. Pumps? Girly. Heels? Night out. Love that!

    Floral Scarf – £8.99, New Look

    I’m not much of a scarf gal, I personally prefer the way hats look on me when it’s cold but in times like this where we are having a very warm September, I feel silly wearing a hat! Wearing a scarf however seems much more acceptable… I love to wear a scarf with a little dress/skirt and a denim jacket – this seems to be my ‘go to’ if I was to have a scarf day and I found this pattern so so cute!

    Mini Bee Rucksack – £18, Boohoo.com

    I only own one mini rucksack and it’s probably the bag that I get the most compliments on! I love the minimalist design as you can wear it with a busy outfit but with the little bee it’s not too boring. And what’s better is that it’s in this lovely brown colour, perfect for Autumn months! I’d love to add this one to my collection.

    Collar Blazer Jumpsuit – £17.99, SheIn

    I only started wearing jumpsuits last year, and I can’t believe I waited this long, I LOVE them! This is such a beautiful autumnal colour and I am seriously considering buying this, like, now. Recently I have been loving the vintage looks with the collar, I have a few dresses in this style but now I’ve seen this I definitely want to get on to the jumpsuit version!

    Flower Tea Dress – £5, Everything5Pounds

    Continuing on with the vintage vibe, I had to include a tea dress in the list because it is very me. I like to still wear dresses as it gets colder as it’s nice to feel like I’ve still made an effort and I feel a little Christmassy already! (too early I know sorry)

    Sparkly Co-ord – £25, Boohoo.com

    I couldn’t help myself but to include a co ord in this list too. I seem to do it every time but I just love them! I tried on some sparkly flares a few weeks back, on a whim randomly. Ever since that I have loved how they look and they seem to be coming back in to fashion again which is great!
    I had to add this outfit because I thought it would be perfect for a night out when it’s a bit colder as you’re mostly covered up! Although there is a slight bit of midriff on show, it’s nice not to feel too exposed and on display sometimes… 🙂

    Belted Pinafore Dress – £29, Topshop

    I don’t shop in Topshop a great deal but every now and then I see an outfit that I really LOVE, and this is one of them. I only own denim pinafore currently but I really like how the softer material looks in this style. And of course I will always pair it with a turtle neck jumper because it just. looks. so. cute.

    Red Suedette Boots – £19.99, New Look

    I wear boots all year round to be honest but I had to add these to the list because I feel so festive in them! (sorry again)
    I love to pair these with a cute little red or black dress and some festive earrings! I know I based this around Autumn but I had to finish with something a little bit Christmassy – I am a December baby after all!

    I hope you enjoyed reading about my Autumn wardrobe favourites and got some inspiration for the coming months! Thanks for reading 🙂

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