• Vegan Galaxy Review – Taste Test!

    So the time has FINALLY come that a vegan Galaxy has been released. I’ve been waiting for this day for just. too. long. Of course, I tried it as soon as it was available, so here is my Vegan Galaxy Review.

    I had high expectations but at £3 for a 100g bar, it’s not a cheap treat so I thought I’d post a taste test and review the vegan Galaxy bars – it’s nearly Christmas and we could all do with something yum even if you’re a vegan or dairy free.

    Vegan Galaxy Flavours

    Three different flavours have been released – caramelised hazelnut, smooth orange and caramel & sea salt. I believe they are made with hazelnut paste, therefore they all have a flavour rather than just “vegan plain Galaxy”.

    three bars of vegan galaxy for review and taste test

    The vegan galaxy bars are currently on sale in Tesco stores and online at Amazon and Ocado.

    Price & Packaging

    As I said in the introduction, the price of the vegan galaxy bars are all £3. I think it’s on the expensive side as you can often get standard galaxy bars for £1 but from a business side of view, the ingredients are probably more expensive to buy and they’re not as mass produced so they’re bound to be more expensive.

    They are packaged in a recyclable sleeve with compostable film which is even better.

    The Verdict….

    I was so so excited when I finally got my hands on my first bar of this. The first one I tried was the hazelnut flavour – I went to a movie night at my friend’s house and she had a bar waiting there for me (such a babe).

    The consistency of the chocolate is so similar to dairy galaxy bars – they have somehow managed to get that creamy texture without using milk which I have yet to come across in other dairy free/vegan chocolate.

    One thing I picked up on is the thickness of the bar. It is clearly much thinner than your standard galaxy which is bad for me as I end up eating the whole thing which I never used to do with the thicker bars, but it’s still smooth and tastes galaxy like!

    In the vegan recipe, milk is substituted with hazelnut paste to achieve the creaminess that is so iconic to the standard galaxy bars. Obviously, there’s nothing quite like milk chocolate so you can tell that it’s not a standard galaxy bar but it’s pretty damn close.

    What Are People Saying?

    I had a little nose on Twitter to see what everyone else thought and the general consensus what rather positive! These were the tweets I found from my peruse…


    People seemed to like it as much as me.

    My Favourite?

    I was unsure whether to add my favourite to this post as it’s so hard! All of them are completely delicious (and no, this is not sponsored) but I think my favourite is the orange flavour. When I used to have milk, Terry’s chocolate orange was one of the BEST treats you could’ve given me, and this orange bar really does remind me of that.

    To conclude

    In short, I LOVE all the flavours. It’s the best vegan chocolate on the market right now, in my opinion. Thank you Mars…

    If you’re after some other vegan treats, check out my recent post 15 Party Foods You Didn’t Know Were Vegan.

    Thank you for reading my Vegan Galaxy Review. If you have tried it, let me know what your thoughts are!


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