• Best Ever Vegan Cookies

    Ever since I’ve been aware of my milk allergy, I’ve naturally been eating more vegan foods. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, which is not great when it comes to vegan because there still isn’t the biggest range in sweet products that aren’t really expensive so I decided to start baking my own vegan treats.

    If you’re searching for delicious vegan goodies then look no further. If you’re not even a vegan and you’re looking for a delicious treat – you can come too! These cookies are the best I have made yet, and that’s including when I used to bake with milk and egg – you can’t even tell these are vegan.

    These ginger cookies..

    are crunchy on the outside

    chewy in the middle

    have a perfect balance of ginger

    dairy free and vegan

    so easy and quick to make!

    Perfecting This Recipe..

    I made these cookies so many times with different results because I wanted them to be perfect. I altered the order in which I added them, the consistency of the dough, baking time.. you name it. But now I’ve found the perfect balance so you don’t have to. See my attempts…

    The Vegan Butter

    The reason why I only had mediocre success many times was down to how I prepared the butter. I seem to have found the perfect balance now, which is heating the butter just enough until it’s slightly melting, but has still got a firmness. Here’s what I like it to look like.

    The order of ingredients

    Flour first didn’t work 🙁

    I experimented a few times with mixing the ingredients in different ways, and you’d be surprised how much difference this makes. Once I added the syrup in first and it resulted in breadcrumbs that I couldn’t get to mix properly! To ensure best results I do recommend adding the ingredients in as I have specified.


    I have only ever tried this with two substitutions – one time with dairy butter and once using baking powder instead of bicarb of soda. Both worked a treat – but you will need about 3 times as much baking powder if you decide to use this instead.

    Baking Time

    I have found that baking these for 8 minutes makes them the perfect consistency; a slight crunch on the outside but chewy in the middle. If you wish for firmer biscuits then just bake them a little longer. One mistake I did make was thinking they were raw because they were still so soft – this is totally normal when they come out of the oven, and will firm as they cool.

    Here’s The Recipe!

    If you made these vegan treats then let me know how you found them by commenting below!

    Thanks for reading and supporting my blog x

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