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    I’ve been meaning to review this Lush facemask for a long time now. Mask of Magnaminty has been my go-to when I’ve been too lazy with my skincare as I find this a really good deep cleanse that provides a lot of exfoliation. It is not recommended to use everyday as it may be too harsh on your skin but I try to use this around twice a week to prevent my skin from going too ‘bleh’.

    What Lush say about Mask Of Magnaminty..

    A multi-purpose mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients including honey and kaolin to clean, calm and clear the skin. Easily smoothed over the skin, this mask is made with peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin; evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate as you remove it. You can use this mask anywhere.

    The Good Stuff

    When I start to apply this mask, it reminds me of aero mint chocolate. If I’m eating aero mint chocolate then it’s a good day. The smell is a fairly potent mint fragrance, which undoubtedly won’t be to everybody’s taste but I personally love it.

    Once I have applied this mask my skin feels refreshed straight away. Because I have dry skin, I use this in conjunction with Angels On Bare Skin cleanser (read my review here) and finish with some moisturiser just to make it feel all nice!!

    To apply..

    To apply this you need to add a generous amount of the product to your face (or body). I like to be generous because this mask only last 3-4 months, and using it twice a week I feel that a lot will go to waste if you skimp on the amount you use. It is suggested that you leave this mask on for around 10-15 then wash it off with warm water. As the product dries on your face it has a pleasant cooling affect and you can really feel it doing something. For a deeper exfoliation you can leave this on a little longer, and massage in to your face as you remove it.

    This process does get a little messy as the longer it’s left on your skin, the more it naturally dries so I find that some of the bits do tend to fall off. Due to the natural ingredients, it doesn’t have a particularly smooth texture but I find this helps to exfoliate more than a smoother formula would.


    I always like to add what I’m not crazy about in the products that I review to provide an honest and unbiased opinion. One issue with this product is that it doesn’t have the longest shelf life. If this is stored in the fridge then it may last a little longer, but you still will need to use this product every week to ensure that there is not any wasted (hence why I use a generous amount).

    We all look a little ridiculous wearing face masks so I thought I’d embed a photo of me looking ridiculous too! Yay!

    I always purchase the smallest tub available which is currently 125g, but for disorganised people like me it is often too much to get through in 3 months. There is also the option to buy a 315g or 600g tub but I can honestly say I don’t know how people get through it all without wasting any unless you use it all over your body I suppose. The 600g tub is around £27 so it is quite expensive but it does work out better value at £4.50/100g (bigger tub) over £7.20/100g for the smallest tub.

    I would also suggest to apply this over the sink or in the shower because it can get a little messy. I will admit that it is not my favourite task to take this off because when it starts to dry it is a little stubborn to wash but it is worth it for the refreshing finish.

    My Verdict

    Despite the negative points I mentioned, it has not stopped me from repurchasing this product. I really like values that Lush stand for as a company in regards to cruelty free skincare and the natural ingredients used. I have very dry and sensitive skin so knowing that the ingredients are natural is a big selling point to me and I will no doubt continue to buy and post reviews on other Lush products that I purchase. I hope you enjoyed reading my review – if you liked it then check out my other posts involving more lush products!

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