• WINTER IS COMING: Topshop Haul

    Hello again!

    The temperature here in the UK has dropped quite dramatically over the last couple of weeks, it very suddenly feels like winter! The colder months are definitely my favourite when it comes to clothing choices, I love wearing cute dresses with thick tights and boots! I’ve compiled all of my TOPSHOP favourites in today’s #Blogtober post.

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    Rose Puffer Jacket

    I’ve just recently christened my puffer jacket for the year, it’s only just got cold enough to warrant a heavy jacket! I currently have a navy one in a similar style but I feel like I need to update my winter coat now as I’ve had it for so long. I love the rose colour of this jacket as it’s so unique and adds a bit of colour to your outfit!

    Denim Pinafore Dress

    I love to wear pinafore in the winter months. It looks like you’ve made a bit more of an effort but still warm as it’s a thicker material, and you can look really cute pairing it will a turtleneck jumper.

    Two tone Scarf

    I don’t own any scarves that are ‘two tone’ but it looks so pretty and unique! When it gets really cold in the winter months I am practically attached to my heavy weight scarf, since I only own one I think it’s time to add another to my collection…

    Kanyon Ankle Boots

    I have too many boots already but I am the boring type that sticks with black or safe colours. I think boots in a colour like this look really quirky – I see more and more people wearing them & I always admire how they look.

    Knitted Turtleneck

    The statement turtleneck that I previously mentioned! I love that you can literally chuck this with anything in the winter. It looks great with pinafore dresses, tucked in to a skirt or with jeans as shown.

    Boucle Mini Skirt

    I always wear these skirts in the winter months (with thick tights obvs), layers on top & a bobble hat. It’s warm enough for chilly weather but still looks like you’ve made a bit of an effort!

    Space Dye Beanie

    Another quirky item that I wouldn’t usually think of buying but I actually really warmed to. Bobble hats are my ting when it comes to the winter but I really should be a little more open minded on what I end up buying…

    Fairytale Jumper

    Not sure if I could get away with including such a Christmassy jumper this early but it’s a winter post and Christmas is included so I’m counting that. I don’t usually wear a Christmas jumper but the design of this is so beautiful and I really could picture me wearing it!

    Panther Body Bag

    This bag looks so much more expensive than £29 in my opinion! I’ve only just realised how many items I have included in the pink/blush colour but it seems to be what I’m loving right now.

    Landscape T-Shirt

    I don’t usually buy t-shirts just for winter but I actually really like the design of this one! The colour is such a winter-y one (if that makes any sense at all?) and I feel it’s just so apt for December!

    That concludes the end of the #blogtober post – day 24. I hope you got some ideas from this TopShop UK winter hall!


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    1. October 25, 2019 / 10:14 am

      I love this time of year for the clothes. I am so happy in big, oversized jumpers. I do love that Fairytale jumper x

    2. October 25, 2019 / 7:51 pm

      What a lovely selection I love the fairy tail jumper and wish I looked good in a pinafore dress. #blogtober

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