• Cosy Night In Essentials

    Now the colder weather is well and truly upon us and the nights are drawing in, cosy film nights are a must! There’s nothing better than it being dark and horrible outside but you’re all snuggled up in a blanket watching a great film. Here are my cosy night in essentials…

    Mood Lighting

    Lol. Funny one to start with I know but I just can’t deal with bright lights when I’m trying to wind down and watch a movie! It may just be me being odd but if you have lamps, candles and fairy lights with ambience seems to make the whole evening so much more enjoyable! See my favourite candles below.

    Comfort Food

    Obviously. I do not have the willpower to have a diet movie night. If you do, then I applaud you as I really don’t know how you do this. I have to have hot chocolate, marshmallows, popcorn, snacks… the whole shebang but this really does make it for me!

    Blankets And Too Many Pillows

    As I’ve said previously, I’m that annoying person that has far too many pillows than in necessary but it just makes it so cosy and aesthetic! Bedsure very kindly gifted me this heated blanket and it’s honestly something I use every. single. day. It’s become my favourite thing as it actually feels like you’re cuddling a lamb (it’s a struggle to keep the cat off of it, though)

    P.S. It has 21 heat settings. Whaaaattt.

    Face Masks & Beauty Products

    Good luck trying to convince your boyfriend to do this, but I love this idea when you’re having a girs night in! It’s always a bit of fun doing a face mask and looking silly with your friends, whilst leaving your skin feeling fab too!


    No one can sit comfortably watching a movie and stuffing their face whilst wearing jeans. Cosy pyjamas or a dressing gown (both if your house is freezing like mine) is essential for total relaxation! I have far too many pyjama sets already but every time I see cute Disney ones I can’t say no so I end up alternating through them all!

    Netflix & Spotify

    The must-haves! I love to start with a bit of music to get the vibes going… If I’m struggling on what to play I usually find the Spotify playlists really helpful as you can just chuck it on and forget about it. As for Netflix, you gotta binge something on a night in right? There’s no better place to find pretty much anything that takes your fancy. (All I want is Grease back on there, cries)

    I hope you enjoyed reading this day 12 #Blogtober post. I will be posting every day until Halloween so check back to see more!


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    1. October 12, 2019 / 3:33 pm

      As I sit here with mood lighting, blankets and pillows I wholeheartedly agree xx

    2. October 12, 2019 / 8:37 pm

      Yes! I totally agree with all of this!
      I’m sat under a blanket, with candles burning, munching on Pringles and have Saturday night TV on. Perfect x

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