• The Autumn Tag – 2019

    Hey friends. I have seen so many bloggers do the autumn tag so I thought I’d jump right on the bandwagon! The autumn tag is basically a list of questions based around autumn (obviously) I quite like reading other bloggers do it so I thought why not do it myself?!

    What two things tell you that the autumn season has begun?

    It felt like such a long summer this year – it was very humid so I was glad when the time came that I could actually go outside and it was cold enough to wear a jumper! This marks the start of the autumn season for me, putting the heating on and feeling a bit chilly! It sounds mad but I actually love it when the temperature gets a little colder because I know all the excitement of winter is coming.

    Favourite autumn outfit?

    I love high neck jumpers at the moment! Or autumnal dresses/skirts with thick tights, boots and a little jacket.

    Do you like baking in the autumn season?

    I love baking all the year round but seasonal baking is so exciting! I can’t wait to make autumnal and christmassy biscuits or maybe some gingerbread.

    October or November?

    If I had to choose, I’d pick November. Mainly because I am such a winter baby and I love Christmas so much!

    Plans for the autumn?

    My plans for the autumn firstly are to complete Blogtober! 7 days going strong but there’s still plenty of time left… Other than that, I am hoping to make my blog DA a little higher, be more organised and do some lovely autumn baking!
    I’ve just started my Christmas shopping and a few gifts are already wrapped. I’m determined to be organised this year as it gets to December and I inevitably feel stressed and like I’ve still got so much left to do so I’m hoping that by starting early I can eliminate as much stress as possible!

    Do you prefer silent nights or windy ones?

    Oooh, that’s tricky. I think I prefer windy ones as I love watching TV or reading a book and hearing gusts of winds outside! It just reminds me of the beautiful leaves falling.

    What’s your favourite scent for autumn?

    I have so many I love but one of my favourite is ‘rainfall’ by The White Company. I recently did a post on all my favourite autumn scents which you can see here!

    What’s your best way to enjoy the rain?

    Well I really love rainy walks, as long as it’s not too windy. I love wearing wellies and a raincoat and just walking with an umbrella and chatting about rubbish with the people you love! If not that, then I love to read/watch tele listening to the rain whilst I’m all wrapped up in a blanket.

    Do you believe that autumn season should be the wedding season?

    I’d love to get married in the autumn! I worry if i get married mid-summer that every one would be too hot, especially me in a wedding dress! My mum had a September wedding a few years back which I was quite heavily involved in and every part of it was magical, it has inspired me to get married in the autumn. I think there are so many opportunities for lovely colours and wedding decor in this season so I think it’s the perfect time to get married!

    That completes my autumn tag! I hope you feel all ready for autumn and if you completed the tag yourself please do let me know so I can have a goosey gander!

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