• 8 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home For Autumn

    I love to decorate the house, especially in the autumn as it provides so much opportunity with the lovely colours. The idea of buying a whole bunch of decorations doesn’t particularly appeal to me though as it seems a shame to spend so much money on something that’s not going to be up for very long (I did go a bit mad at Christmas but that’s a story for another time).

    I have created this list for some inexpensive ideas (all items are under £30) on home decor – hopefully you can get some inspiration for things to make at home yourself too. All of the products listed are handmade from small businesses as I always try to support smaller brands when I can.

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    This post is not sponsored by Etsy nor any of the businesses I have included.

    Garlands & Bunting

    Credit: StyleSparkle

    A little too obsessed with bunting I’d say, but there’s something about it that makes me so happy! It may sound silly but I love how it looks and it just reminds me of being at a party or fayre.

    I don’t own too many garlands but recently I’m really warming to them a I’ve seen how minimalist yet pretty they look.

    I found this autumn garland on Etsy which I think is so beautiful!

    Pillows & Cushion Covers

    Credit: HappyInkyGift

    I’m that annoying girl that piles up a million cushions on her bed just to get annoyed by the time she goes to sleep and moves them all.

    For the colder months especially I can’t get enough of cushions because they’re just so damn cosy and I think they make your bed look so grand and welcoming!

    I don’t even like coffee but this design makes me want a latte in the leaves.

    Candles & Diffusers

    Credit: SarahsLittleAttic

    I have touched on this already since this #Blogtober chapter but that is because the colder months are all about warm candles and nice smells in my opinion! You can buy or make candles very inexpensively and they look so effective as it’s so easy for them to spice up your home.

    This handmade pumpkin candle costs £9 for up to 200 hours of burn time!

    Autumn Wreath

    Credit: StyleSparkle

    Until fairly recently I didn’t realise that people put a wreath on their door at times other than Christmas but now I know it’s socially acceptable, I want to join in!

    I had a real one on my door last Christmas with lights on and every time I left or came in the house I was filled with warmth! This year I’m thinking about getting a faux one so it (hopefully) lasts and I’m not always sneezing my head off.

    This one I picked out caught my eye because of how rustic it is – I love how it’s collected on one side and looks a bit different to your standard wreath.

    String Lights

    Credit: AtelierLumiereDesign

    Another one of my favourites, I LOVE the ambience of string lights. These on with a candle and a hot chocolate – the dream!

    I have recently purchased even *more* string lights but none of mine are autumn themed as of yet so I think I need to get shopping.

    The reason I added these lights to my list was because I find it so quirky how every design is different and they have no consistency to them which is unlike any decor I currently own.

    Wall Art


    I love this canvas due to it’s abstract design. Whenever I visit my mum she always has beautiful artwork on the walls and I could just picture this in her house.

    This would be perfect for autumn, but I like that it’s not so in your face autumnal that it would look silly up all year round as it’s the sort of print that I’d want to keep up all of the time.

    I saw some really beautiful autumn prints and it took me so long to decide on one but many were so based on the fact it was autumn that you would have to take them down once December is looming which disappoints me a little!


    Credit: SimplyImperfected

    Something not quite as obvious that some people might not think about, but I love the addition of autumnal tableware and they’re always a talking point when you have guests over!

    These particular coasters as really reasonably priced and would be great if you’re looking to decorate your home but some of the other products are not within your price range.

    Scented Potpourri

    Credit: primitivelymadebyme

    I wasn’t really in to potpourri until I went to a Christmas market a couple of years ago. Ever since then I have had big bowls of it spread across the house – mainly because of the gorgeous woodland smell but also because I think it looks so nice on the side!

    I have not yet tried the autumn scents but I really want to get some! I love the aesthetic of this one with the pumpkin and pine.

    That concludes my favourite ways to decorate in autumn. Come back tomorrow for day 11 of Blogtober!

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    1. October 10, 2019 / 6:57 pm

      These are fantastic ideas. I love that autumn garland. It’s so cute and the wreath is so pretty x

    2. October 11, 2019 / 1:59 pm

      Love these ideas I need to add a more autumn feel to our home. #blogtober

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