• Autumn Bucket List 2019!

    Hello again! I’m now back to my usual Blogtober post after yesterday’s was a little different! Today I’m sharing my autumn bucket list. I know a lot of bloggers post printables and fancy graphics etc but unfortunately I’m not as imaginative as that so I just posted my own bucket list that I hope to achieve my the end of the season. Let’s begin..

    Carve a pumpkin

    Obligatory number one of course. I didn’t get round to pumpkin carving last year so I am determined to do it in 2019! I am not the most artistic so I’m not promising photos of my design though.

    Go climbing

    A few years ago I went on a climbing course up in Snowdonia and totally loved it. Since then I haven’t done as much climbing as I’d like to, so this autumn it’s on my list to find someone to go with.. Hit me up gals!

    Bake something I haven’t attempted before

    When I learn to bake or cook something nice I tend to stick with it as I hate failing at cooking and wasting ingredients so I end up just making the same things over and over again. I’d love to perfect at least one more recipe this season so I don’t feel totally inept in my cooking abilities!

    Go bike riding

    I bought a bike about two years ago now but once the novelty of having a new bike had worn off, I almost gave up with it because I had no one to go out riding with and where I was living at the time was a bit off the beaten track. Now I’m in the city I feel as if I really should be taking advantage of the beautiful scenery I am surrounded by. I am so lucky to live in Devon as we are surrounded by countryside and so many gorgeous tracks.

    Celebrate Bonfire Night

    Growing up we always went to fireworks displays/see a bonfire and the excitement has never really left me! Every year my boyfriend and I go to at least one display (sometimes two if I get my way). I have some sparklers left over from last year in the cupboard and I’ve been counting down the months until it’s acceptable to use them again!

    Make a diffuser

    Making candles have been on many people’s autumn bucket list but I have already done that quite a lot so I’ve got more candles than you can shake a stick at. I decided to add this to my list as diffusers seem less anxiety provoking for me – I am the sort of human that forgets I lit a candle before I went to bed then wake up to the smoke alarm in the middle of the night. I find diffusers more potent and if I can make something and it do it’s job after I’ve forgotten about it then it’s a win for me.

    Go for a long walk in the leaves

    I kinda do this anyway, but I have my driving test in three weeks (gah) so if all goes well, I want to drive somewhere I don’t usually go to have a lovely walk among the leaves and hopefully take some nice photos!

    Do Autumn Crafts

    I bought a cricut machine at the start of this year, and whilst I’d still marry the thing if it was legal, I haven’t been using it as much since I moved house in July. I’m (still) trying to set up my work space how I like it and get back in to my groove but I’m determined to do more this autumn!

    And that’s it! I didn’t want to do too many as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to abide by 20 or more… even these are a push if we’re being honest.
    Come back tomorrow for day 10 of Blogtober!

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